Southern Charm’s Shep Rose Finally Calls Out ‘Total Scoundrel’ Austin Kroll for Taylor Ann Greene Kiss

 – Gudstory

Southern Charm’s Shep Rose Finally Calls Out ‘Total Scoundrel’ Austin Kroll for Taylor Ann Greene Kiss – Gudstory

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Southern Charm's Shep Rose Finally Called Out Total Badass Austin Kroll

Shep Rose, Austen Kroll, and Taylor Ann Green. Getty Images (3)

shape rose finally exploded Austin Kroll During the latest episode of southern charm And admitted she had no objection to Austin kissing his ex-girlfriend taylor n green,

“You can’t change. That’s the problem here, Shep,” Austen, 36, told Shep, 43, during the Thursday, December 14, episode of the Bravo series while the two friends were drinking on a boat in Jamaica. (The episode was filmed earlier this year.)

Shepp retorted, “I have plenty of good friends and I don’t need you,” to which Austen responded, “I care about people, and I would never say that to you.” Shepp argued that Austen’s claims about caring for others were “promiscuous”, hinting that he was still upset by Austen kissing 28-year-old Taylor, shortly after she and Shepp dated for two years. Abandoned it in 2022 after dating of.

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After weeks of back-and-forth in conversation, Austen finally agreed on how her affair with Taylor occurred. “You’ve definitely painted Taylor Ann as the victim,” Austin accused, telling Shep, “She got me, my friend. She came for my mom. Not the other way around.”

Viewers learned at the beginning of season 9 that Austen and Taylor kissed each other in late 2022 after their respective relationships separated. olivia flower And shape. Austen and Taylor initially kept their hookup a secret, and once it came to light, Shep forgave Austen and did not discuss it further. Olivia, 31, had a different take and criticized both Austen, who she dated in 2022, and Taylor, who was one of her best friends.

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“I will never betray you,” Shep insisted on Thursday’s episode, claiming he decided to take the high road after Austen’s actions. “What I’m trying to say is that I’ve been kind and compassionate to this guy who hooked up with my f–king girlfriend just a month after we broke up.”

Austen argued that Shep told her it was “all good” so he was “just leading you on” and moving forward with their friendship. Shep claimed, “You don’t give a damn about anyone but yourself.” When Austen asked, “Do you really believe that?” Shep replied, “When it comes to women, yes.”

Southern Charm's Shep Rose Finally Called Out Total Badass Austin Kroll

Austin Kroll, Craig Conover, and Shep Rose. Alan Smith/Bravo

Shepp said that when he was Austen’s age he was a “f–king scoundrel”, but he alleged that Austen was worse. “You’re a total badass,” Shep said of his old friend. “If you feel that way, I don’t know what to say,” Austen concluded.

Shep and Austin left the room and Shep later told the camera that Austin’s inability to tell him the truth earlier had upset him. “Right after the Austen and Taylor case, Austin and I spent three weeks together in Australia. He didn’t say a word,” Shepp said during a confessional. “Do you have any concept of friendship? Loyalty? [Does] Which enters your mind at any moment?”

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Elsewhere in the episode, Olivia once again expressed her feelings about the scandal, which became known after new stories about Austin and Taylor resurfaced on the Internet.

“The level of betrayal in friendship is bizarre. And your inability to recognize this is baffling to me. It just keeps going on,” Olivia told Taylor, claiming she should have told him everything from the beginning. “I hate you and Austin. But I hate the fact that our friendship has broken even more. I don’t know how to be your friend anymore, so I hate you for it. I hope it was worth it.”

southern charm Airs Thursdays at 8pm ET on Bravo.


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