Boxing news: Tyson Fury’s father condemns comments about star, raising concerns

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Boxing news: Tyson Fury’s father condemns comments about star, raising concerns – Gudstory

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Tyson Fury’s father has been criticized after saying his son should change his style for his upcoming fight with Oleksandr Usyk.

The Gypsy King is a man who is under scrutiny after struggling during his recent victory over Francis Ngannou.

Fury was knocked to the ground in the third round of that showdown in Saudi Arabia late last month.

Although he won via split decision, the 35-year-old was criticized for a lackluster performance against an opponent making his debut in the sport.

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Boxing News: John Fury thinks Tyson Fury will have to change his style to beat Oleksandr Usyk

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Among those who took aim at Fury was his own father John, who said his style was not good enough.

“The style I’m seeing is not good,” he said recently.

“Tyson wouldn’t have been able to beat Wladimir Klitschko with the style he has right now.

“Olexander Usyk is a difficult man. The style he’s got now won’t work.”

Now, former boxing champion Barry McGuigan has addressed John’s comments.

Speaking to Seconds Out, he criticized John’s anger and insisted that Fury is unable to change styles at this current point in his career.

He said, “Why would his father say that?”

“He can’t change styles. Tyson is long, stretched, fast hands, good fighter.

“Chin is questionable as we saw with Francis Ngannou.

“Because of the showdown against Ngannou, this fight [with Usyk] It’s a very tough fight.”

McGuigan then expressed concerns about Fury, saying he was concerned about whether the Briton’s chin was strong enough to resist powerful punches.

Addressing the upcoming duel with Usyk, he said: “Usyk is quick, fast, has a low center of gravity that is difficult for a tall guy.

“Definitely, his performances have started to level off, he is on the decline, he is not physically beautiful, he was never like that.

“He’s got quick hands but his chin, I’m worried about his chin.

“Usic is extraordinary, he can win, it wouldn’t surprise me at all.”

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Boxing news: Barry McGuigan takes issue with John Fury’s criticism of son Tyson

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Meanwhile, Fury’s father also recently said he has seen a ‘decline’ in his son – despite the Gypsy King remaining undefeated.

Speaking before a new date was set for the lucrative Saudi showdown, John said: “In my opinion, Tyson needs a little more time to get his conditioning and his weight right.

“For my money, in his last three fights, I’ve seen a little bit of a decline.

“Not a decline in ability but a decline in strength, power and physical condition.

“I don’t know what they are doing there, you have to figure it out. They don’t see themselves in Saudi.

“He didn’t look well, everything about him had changed, his demeanor, his body.

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Boxing news: Oleksandr Usyk will hope to defeat Tyson Fury when they clash in Saudi Arabia on February 17

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“I was surprised. He said he was training but there is training and there is training.

“If you go at your own pace no one will tell you otherwise, no one will belittle you or kick you in the rear.

“No one can teach Tyson how to box, or teach him more than he knows.

“All they can do is put some muscle in there and strengthen his body.

“For my money he looked rough, he should have been better, a little heavier with more muscle.

“Tyson is a very big man. He needs to increase strength in the body department and the only way to do that is through proper courses and they take time and we don’t have time.”


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