Shannon Beador thought ‘RHOC’ would save marriage to David Beador: ‘Maybe he could learn something’

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Shannon Beador thought ‘RHOC’ would save marriage to David Beador: ‘Maybe he could learn something’ – Gudstory

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shannon beador hoped to have a relationship with her david beador Will improve during his first season real housewives of orange county,

“October 13, 2013, that was my first day of filming, and the next day, David went on a trip with the group he was with,” Shannon, 59, said on the Tuesday, Dec. 26 episode of “Bravo’s Hot.” ” Mike” Podcast. “His affair started the very next day. I had no idea.”

Shannon and David, 59, joined the Bravo series for Season 9, which aired in 2014. The reality star told that after joining the show, she started noticing changes in her husband.

“I thought it was because his ego was getting bigger, so he was getting a chance to be on television. i remember asking [costar] Tamara [Judge] About that,” he remembered. “Did [her ex] Simon [Barney] Suddenly become arrogant like this? And I was so stupid, I didn’t know anything.”

The ups and downs over the years of Shannon Beador and ex-husband David Beador

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Shannon Beador and ex-husband David Beador have had many ups and downs over the years, both before and after their separation. The former spouses tied the knot in 2000 and welcomed daughter Sophie in 2002 and twin daughters Stella and Adeline in 2004. Shannon joins the cast of The Real. […]

Shannon confessed that she hoped David’s behavior would improve when she watched the reality series and noticed that the pair never spent any time together.

“I thought if he watched the show back and saw how little time he spent with me, he’d make more of an effort because in those rare times when we went out for dinner, we had fun and I felt a connection. He used to,” she admitted. “I just wanted more than that… Most people say I don’t want to be on the show by ruining my marriage. I was thinking, ‘Oh maybe he can learn something from this.’ ‘

Shannon Beador will save her marriage to RHOC David Beador though

Shannon Beador and David Beador. Jerrod Harris/WireImage/Getty Images

While shooting her second season, Shannon finds out about David’s affair and it becomes a major focus of season 10. After learning of his infidelity, the two attended couples counseling rather than separate. Although everything worked out well between them, Shannon and David’s relationship ended in 2017 when they decided to separate.

Shannon confessed that being on the show inspired her to work on her marriage and family. However, if she was not on RHOC Her relationship with David might have ended very quickly.

“If I had not been on the show after this affair was discovered I might have done it differently. I think I would have left the marriage immediately,” he shared on Tuesday. “But part of me, I was working on the marriage for my first season and it was all fake with him and I thought I was going to fight for my family. I’ve been fighting for this marriage this entire season so I’m going to keep fighting. I don’t know if I would have continued fighting if I wasn’t on the show.

Both David and Shannon have moved on since finalizing their divorce in 2019 Leslie Beador In October 2020. However, David filed for divorce from Leslie in September 2022. Shannon, for her part, dated john jansen He left it from 2019 to the beginning of this year.


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