Enhance your essentials this winter with luxury loungewear

 – Gudstory

Enhance your essentials this winter with luxury loungewear – Gudstory

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As the cold weather sets in and winter sets in for a longer period, now is the time to stock up on clothes that we can use for hibernation. Think plush hoodies, fleece-lined joggers and cable knits that are so luxuriously soft, they rival the warmth of the cat currently sitting on your lap. We’ve created loungewear that not only feels soft and comfortable but also looks good when out and about. Add to cart ASAP for these essentials you’ll be reaching for again and again this season – your body will thank you!

On the top

1. Softstream: Sometimes, you want to wear a sweatshirt so soft, you skip the bra and enjoy the fuzzy warmth of this exclusive creation at Lululemon.

2. Our Favorite: Zip up this super soft fleece hoodie in creamy white to match the winter mood.

3. Top Notch: Protect your neck from the cold with Spanx’s AirEssentials Turtleneck Tunic, which feels silky soft like a second skin.

4. Versatile: Enjoy this extra-long cardigan duster that feels smart and looks posh.

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5. It’s a Vibe: There’s no need to choose between wide-leg pants and fleece-lined joggers, these pants are a perfect blend of both function and style.

6. The Traveling Pants: These pants are plush yet breathable and have four-way stretch that moves with you.

7. A-Student: Go to college with the side-trip track jogger pant with a wide-leg silhouette.

8. Refined: High-rise wide-leg pants look polished and pair well with a crop top or sports bra.

9. Groovy: These pants were designed to fit flattering legs and feel luxuriously soft against your skin for lounging or exercising.

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10. Make it simple: Get an athleisure set that includes a pullover sweater and pants with white piping.

11. Slip On: Consider this one-of-a-kind lace-up jumpsuit for just $37 — it comes with pockets!

12. Best Duplicate: A great alternative to Spanx AirEssentials, this set costs $60 for both the sweatshirt and pants.

13. Best Deals: Look chic and put together in this mock neck pullover and wide-leg pant set.


14. Cold Feet: Keep your feet from contact with the cold floor by strapping on these cozy slouch socks.

15. Top It Off: Consider this cozy knit hat made from alpaca wool, which tolerates cold temperatures and dries quickly.

16. Sit comfortably: Wrap yourself in this scarf to keep out the cold, or use it as your adult security blanket… no judgment here.

17. Hair on the bed, don’t care: bad hair day? No problem, wear this thick knitted headband and look like you planned a different hairstyle from the beginning.

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