10 best shows of 2023 to stream on Amazon Prime Video


10 best shows of 2023 to stream on Amazon Prime Video -Gudstory

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Amazon Prime Video is the second best benefit that comes with a Prime subscription (besides free two-day shipping, of course), and its library is constantly growing. While Prime Video is often overshadowed by the likes of Netflix and Max, it has a surprising range, whether you’re looking for a light-hearted comedy, psychological thriller, or a thrilling animated series.

With all that in mind, here’s our list of the best shows released on Amazon Prime Video this year.

If you want a fresh take on the superhero genre, you might want to check this out invincible, The animated series first debuted in 2021, but its second season arrived this year — and it doesn’t disappoint. invincible Follows 17-year-old Mark Grayson (voiced by Steven Yeun) as he navigates the complexities of teenage life, developing his powers and dealing with his father, the most powerful superhero in the world.

Gen V Another great superhero series on Amazon Prime Video. It is a spinoff of boys, which means it’s just as raunchy – and violent – ​​as its sibling show. The story follows Marie Morrow (Jazz Sinclair), a superhero with the ability to manipulate blood, who hopes to leave her tragic past behind after enrolling at the prestigious Godolkin University. Instead, she finds herself involved in a secret that the organization was hoping to keep secret.

I am a Virgo is a fantastical story based on Cootie (Jharrel Jerome), a 13-foot-tall teen who has been sheltered by his aunt and uncle all his life because of his size. But when he finally experiences the real world, he experiences the challenges facing black people in America, on an even larger scale. Directed by Boots Riley, I am a Virgo Artfully weaves together complex topics like race with more fantastical subject matter.

clips from jury Duty Duty is trending on TikTok, and with good reason. jury duty It is a hilarious documentary-style reality TV series that places an ordinary man, Ronald Gladden, on the jury of a fake court case. The rest of the jury are also fake, including actors and comedians such as James Marsden who engage in all kinds of wild antics to get a reaction from Ronald. jury duty Amazon’s free, ad-supported streaming service is available on Freevi, which you can access through Prime Video.

class of ’07 A light comedy with a very interesting premise. The Australian series begins with our main character, Zoe (Emily Browning), arriving at the 10-year reunion of her all-girls high school. However, the event soon turns into chaos – but not for the reasons you might think. A devastating tidal wave hits the festival, forcing the former classmates to bury their past and work together to avoid disaster.

cluster is a psychological thriller based on a fan who takes obsession to another level. Andrea “Dre” Green (Dominic Fishback) idolizes fictional pop star Ni’Jah, who bears obvious similarities to Beyoncé, but this obsession leads Dre to delusions and ultimately violence. Although the seven-episode series may fall short in some aspects, it still has plenty of captivating moments that make it worth a watch.

neil gaiman season 2 lucky cue Caters to fans. It stars David Tennant as the demon Crowley and Michael Sheen as the angel Aziraphale, an unlikely pair who become great friends as they learn to co-exist on Earth. This season, Crowley and Aziraphale’s relationship only continues to blossom as they deal with an entirely new conflict involving the Archangel Gabriel.

Daisy Jones and the Six A documentary-style format following a fictional band’s path to success in Los Angeles during the 1970s. The show, which is based on the book of the same name, is worth watching for the nostalgia factor alone. But the charming story paired with the original music really makes this series stand out.

wonderful miss maisel

If you haven’t caught on wonderful mrs maisel Still, now is the best time. Amazon Prime Video released the fifth and final season this year, which means you can watch the show in full without waiting for new episodes. Rachel Brosnahan plays Miriam Maisel, who decides to walk away from her life as a housewife to pursue a career in stand-up comedy in 50s New York City.

Power Shows what happens when teenage girls suddenly gain the ability to shoot electricity from their fingers. As girls around the world realize that they have developed power, it changes their lives, as well as the lives of those who will now have to bend to their will. The series also features a fairly recognizable cast, including Toni Collette, John Leguizamo and ted lasso star Toheeb Jimoh.


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