Who is Abby Champion?  5 things to know about Patrick Schwarzenegger’s fiancee

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Who is Abby Champion? 5 things to know about Patrick Schwarzenegger’s fiancee – Gudstory

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eldest son of exile Arnold Schwarzenegger And Maria Shriver The couple officially announced their engagement in December 2023 after more than eight years together.

“💍❤️Forever & Ever ❤️💍,” the two captioned a joint Instagram post at the time, sharing photos of the romantic proposal. Schwarzenegger knelt down on the beach surrounded by rose petals.

After news of the proposal broke, Schwarzenegger posted an old photo with Champion on his Instagram Story, writing, “She said yes.” “9 years ago. “Two little kids falling in love.”

While Schwarzenegger and Champion began dating in 2015, us weekly The news of their relationship was not confirmed until the following year. A source confirmed this We The couple had been together for “some time” in March 2016.

Patrick Schwarzenegger and Abby Champions Relationship Timeline

Connected: Patrick Schwarzenegger and Abby Champion’s Relationship Timeline

Patrick Schwarzenegger and girlfriend Abby Champion have been going strong since 2016. Following his five-month affair with Miley Cyrus in 2015, Schwarzenegger was spotted cozying up to the model at West Hollywood hotspot Nice Guy. Champion also accompanied the actor to a birthday party for his mother, Maria Shriver, before US Weekly confirmed […]

They were first seen together at West Hollywood hotspot The Nice Guy. Champion also attended a party for Schwarzenegger’s mother during the early days of their relationship.

“I think we obviously keep in touch through FaceTime and calls… but it’s not really hard,” Schwarzenegger explained. And! news His busy schedule in September 2019. “Being away from each other more often gives us a chance to appreciate the time we spend together and really enjoy it. I’m usually busy during the week with work and she’s usually traveling, so this gives us both a chance to have a really fun weekend.”

Speaking to the same outlet about their relationship years later, Schwarzenegger still had amazing things to say about his other half.

“She’s a very nice girl,” the actor said. I! In November 2022. “He is a hard-working, dedicated, determined person. She came here from Alabama to fulfill her dream of becoming a supermodel. she’s very nice.”

Keep scrolling to know everything about the champion:

1. Where is AB Champion from?

Champion moved from Birmingham, Alabama to Los Angeles to pursue her modeling career.

2. What is the career of AB Champion?

Over the years, Champion has become a successful model, appearing in various high-profile runways and magazines.

Who is Abby Champion 5 things to know about Patrick Schwarzenegger's fiancee
Taylor Hill/Getty Images

“I remember feeling glowing for the first time when I did my first fashion show,” Champion said. v magazine In June 2021. “That show, for me, inspired me to work harder to be able to do so much more. There was so much adrenaline and power that I saw other girls catching, that I loved it so much.

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3. Does AB Champion have siblings?

Champion has a sister, Baskin Champion, who was named Miss Alabama Teen USA in 2014. She also has two brothers, Josh and Luke.

4. What else is AB Champion passionate about?

“I am extremely passionate about all things health related. I’ve spent a lot of time finding ways that my body feels the strongest and healthiest,” she shared during the same V Magazine interview. “I think it’s very interesting that how you treat yourself and how you fuel your body on a daily basis can affect how you feel about yourself.”

Who is Abby Champion 5 things to know about Patrick Schwarzenegger's fiancee
Jason Kempin/Getty Images for CMA

5. How long have Abby Champion and Patrick Schwarzenegger been together?

Schwarzenegger made his first appearance on Champion’s Instagram in February 2016. They began their relationship in earnest the following month.


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