Where is the innovation in induction kitchens?


Where is the innovation in induction kitchens? -Gudstory

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flip through a random Slideshow over at Architectural Digest, and chances are you’ll see a kitchen with a huge range as the centerpiece. They usually have at least six gas burners, ideally two or more ovens, and enough cooking grates to make it seem like a family of arachnids lived above a 19th-century bank vault. died.

Over the past decade, “statement” ranges have become a cornerstone of high-end kitchens. They’re archaic-looking enough to evoke a kind of nostalgia, and their scale is large enough to capture people’s imaginations that they have the time and energy to cook elaborate, multicourse meals, the way You’ll really need to use more than four burners simultaneously.

They are sold as professional-style ranges, but ironically, many high-end restaurants have already relegated open flames to a corner of their kitchens.

Instead of long lines of blue-flamed gas burners, they’re turning to portable induction hobs, allowing chefs to move around their workstations as they please.

This trend probably began in the mid-2000s. Grant Achatz was an early adopter, and it influenced the kitchen design for his then-new restaurant, Alinea, in Chicago.


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