When Sutton Stracke was asked if Kyle Richards’ split was for ‘cliques’, she spilled ‘RHOBH’ tea (Exclusive)

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When Sutton Stracke was asked if Kyle Richards’ split was for ‘cliques’, she spilled ‘RHOBH’ tea (Exclusive) – Gudstory

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sutton stracke During this time there was no fear of drinking alcohol and spilling tea us weeklyThe latest episode of “Housewives Happy Hour”.

However, when the subject kyle richards When Sutton, 52, came forward, she was hesitant in her answers. When Sutton was asked if it was “inappropriate” for the cast to “question” Kyle’s recent changes in lifestyle, Sutton sipped his wine, confirming that he felt the criticism was warranted.

Sutton’s real housewives of beverly hills Costar Kyle, 55, raised eyebrows as he got closer to the singer Morgan Wade Because his marriage broke last year. Meanwhile, Sutton also chose to drink from her glass when asked if Kyle and her estranged husband, mauricio umanskyBroken down to “clicks” and story lines.

When Sutton Stracke was asked if Kyle Richards' split was for Clique's sake, she spilled the RHOBH tea.

Sutton Strack and Kyle Richards Emily Schur/Bravo

vanderpump rules alum jacques teller It previously raised eyebrows when she hinted that Kyle and Mauricio’s split in the summer of 2023 was a publicity stunt.

“Everyone works for clicks. People will ruin their marriages for clicks. I mean, look what’s happening housewives, Jax, 44, claimed on a January episode of his podcast “When Reality Hits with Jax and Brittany.” “Now they are saying that Kyle and Mauricio were only breaking up for effect. For click. They are doing this.”

When asked if she agreed with Jax’s assessment of the situation, Sutton looked away from the camera and took a drink. “Mmmmm,” she said under her breath.

Sutton specifically pointed out We on Tuesday, January 23, that she and Kyle are “taking some space” from each other after some difficult moments in season 13. The two feuded during a November 2023 episode, when Sutton said she was “offended” by the male dancers. Las Vegas magic mike live show.

At the time, Kyle told Sutton that he was “used to losing.” [her] Sutton denied the claims and yelled at Kyle for “naming” the examples.

“I miss him,” Sutton said. We Now about her relationship with Kyle on Tuesday. “I miss our friendship, and hope we get to a good place again, but we’ll see.”

While Sutton hinted at her feelings towards Kyle in the episode “Housewives Happy Hour”, she made it clear what she thinks about the ex Roba co-star add chest, Lisa, 60, exited the Bravo series in 2022 after season 12.

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Sutton said We She doesn’t “miss” Lisa on the show, explaining, “The dynamics changed and yes, we had fun. [in the past], In real life, Sutton said, “I’m a little nostalgic, but I miss him.”

Watch the exclusive video above to learn more about Sutton’s “Housewives Happy Hour” secrets, including whether she’s back magic mike live show.

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