The Bachelor Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici troll their kids by kissing them on their 10th anniversary

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The Bachelor Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici troll their kids by kissing them on their 10th anniversary – Gudstory

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Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici troll their kids on their 10th anniversary
Courtesy of Catherine Giudici/Instagram

sean lowe And catherine giudici They thought of a funny way to embarrass their kids on their 10th anniversary.

On Friday, January 26, Lowe, 40, posted a video via Instagram of him kissing Giudici, 37, in front of their 7-year-old son Samuel. “Deal with it kid!” Lowe joked, while Samuel lowered his head and covered his ears. ,the Bachelor The alumni have daughter Mia, 3, and sons Isaiah, 5, and Samuel.)

In the clip’s caption, Lowe shared that the video “perfectly explained” her and Giudici’s marriage.

“Just two ‘young’ kids in love harassing our seven year old by kissing in front of him,” he wrote. “I married this girl 10 years ago. God knew exactly what He was doing, even if we didn’t. He blessed me with the best wife, best friend and best mother to my children that I could ever ask for. I don’t deserve her but the good thing about marriage is that she’s stuck with me now.”

Giudici, for her part, posted a tribute to her husband on her account.

“10. Year. This man and everything he’s brought to my life are the best things I could have ever dreamed of,” she shared via Instagram, along with several photos from her and Lowe’s wedding. “Not always 10 years of marital bliss, but even more. The reality of marriage – a partnership of ups and downs, where you choose each other every day, we go through it together.’

The mother of three continued to thank Lowe for his family and his commitment to them, adding that he “somehow” makes her “happy.”

“When we got secretly engaged, I couldn’t wait to finally hold your hand,” she said. “Thank you for never letting go.”

Lowe and Giudici met during their season the BachelorWhich premiered in 2013. The two got engaged during the finale and later tied the knot in a live televised wedding in 2014. The reality stars welcomed son Samuel in 2016, followed by Isaiah and Mia in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

Over the years, Lowe and Giudici haven’t been shy about expressing their love for each other on social media.

In April 2022, Lowe dedicated an entire Instagram post praising his wife.

“She’s not just a pretty face. The woman has great legs too! Okay, my work is done. Not only is she the best mom in the world, she also works tirelessly building her two businesses, @loweco.ncierge and @lowe_cp, and rarely gets the credit for it,” he wrote at the time. “She never seems to have any free time, yet she never complains about the hundreds of things she does on a daily basis to keep our family running. So this is my small way of shedding some light on my talented and selfless wife.”


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