‘Vanderpump Rules’ star James Kennedy has candid quotes about the ups and downs of his sobriety journey

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‘Vanderpump Rules’ star James Kennedy has candid quotes about the ups and downs of his sobriety journey – Gudstory

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Quotes from James Kennedy about the ups and downs of his sobriety journey
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james kennedy Don’t shy away from discussing your successes – and your failures – on your journey to getting sober.

Bravo viewers were introduced to Kennedy when he joined vanderpump rules In 2015. After starting out as a busser at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant SUR, Kennedy quickly became involved in a lot of drama on screen.

Kennedy often fell out with her co-stars – leading to a tumultuous relationship with them. Kristen Doute to quarrel with him jacques teller And questionable comments about several co-stars — and his relationship with alcohol — didn’t help. After Vanderpump fired Kennedy several times, she attempted to address her substance abuse issues.

In July 2020, Kennedy announced that he celebrated one year of sobriety. The professional DJ later admitted that he was “California sober” because marijuana helped him not use alcohol.

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“It helped me quit drinking forever, you know what I mean? When the time comes, I’ll quit marijuana, too,” he said on Watch what happens live with andy cohen In October 2021. “I don’t think I should leave right now, you know? there’s no point.”

Kennedy said: “It doesn’t hurt me. It has no negative impact on my life. Then why did you leave?”

After their high-profile separation Rachel “Raquel” LewisKennedy confirmed that he had started drinking again in a February 2023 episode. vanderpump rules“I learned a lot from not drinking in those two years.”

Kennedy considered quitting drinking after meeting now-girlfriend Ally Leuber, before season 11 vanderpump rules Beginning airing in January 2024, Leuber said in an interview with Bravo that Kennedy “changed the most” over the years.

“James, he’s in therapy, he’s sober, I’m really proud of him,” she gushed that same month.

Keep reading to see Kennedy’s candid quotes about abstinence:

quit drinking

Kennedy specifically pointed out us weekly “I’m 10 weeks in,” he shared in August 2019 about the benefits of staying sober. [sober] this Friday. It was really great. everything is beautiful. I’m focusing on my sobriety and it’s going really well. , [My] Music has been great lately. I’m not procrastinating on s—-t.”

make change

Quotes from James Kennedy about the ups and downs of his sobriety journey
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during an appearance on WWHL In March 2020, Kennedy credited Alcoholics Anonymous meetings for helping him.

He explained, “Because of all the drinking and stuff I was doing, I was really hiding away from my true feelings and blaming whatever I wanted for the easy way out.” “I’m going to be sober for nine months. I haven’t drank alcohol in almost nine months and I feel completely different.

Kennedy continued: “I’ve really taken control of my life and try to change it for the better and change our relationship for the better. I know I should do this for me, but I’m also doing it for my relationship with Raquel.

celebrating a milestone

Quotes from James Kennedy about the ups and downs of his sobriety journey
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“Hey, just wanted to let you all know that I have completed one year today. Quitting drinking was the best decision I ever made and I’m going strong. I don’t miss drinking… I don’t miss that feeling…. I’m so grateful for everything now and life has become more beautiful in so many ways,” Kennedy captioned an Instagram post in July 2020. “Thank you to my rock @raquelleviss for getting me here, I couldn’t have done it without you my love. ♥️And thank you all for your support this past year.

Proud of the steps taken by him.

Quotes from James Kennedy about the ups and downs of his sobriety journey
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Ahead of its two-year anniversary, Kennedy reflected on the lessons learned while maintaining sobriety.

“It’s gratitude. It’s a feeling of being very grateful for my sobriety. “I wake up every day and thank God that I got this,” he said. And! news In May 2021. “Giving up alcohol has changed my life for the better. I never feel hungry, I can concentrate more on my music. My relationships and friendships are excellent. When I see these amazing things happening before my eyes, why would I want to go back?”

Kennedy admitted that he struggled with the feeling of “missing out”, adding, “I got over it, for the first six months I was still struggling with the whole, ‘Okay, let’s get everyone else to go out and I am getting a chance to have fun but not me. “When I got over that hump and realized that I was actually capable of having just as much, if not more, fun than everyone else who drank alcohol.”

He concluded: “It was like a lightbulb went off in my brain and that’s an amazing thing. Like I walk into a room now where there are people everywhere drinking and I’m so happy I’m not happy, you know? I’m very grateful and I feel very good about it. I can still be the life of the party, I can still have my charismatic personality and I can still talk more than most people who drink alcohol, they just drink to talk more. But I never needed it and I never realized I didn’t need alcohol until I gave it up. So being able to maintain composure has luckily been the easiest part of it.”

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california trying sobriety

According to Kennedy, being “California cool” means he still smokes marijuana daily and uses edibles.

“It’s wild and it’s a blessing. I honestly thank God every day for my sobriety,” he added. WWHL In October 2021. “Quitting alcohol was the best decision I ever made, thank you [Raquel], …It’s absolutely amazing. I wake up every morning and am never hungry, just ready for life. And I know it sounds corny, but honestly, it’s great.”

consider their decision

Quotes from James Kennedy about the ups and downs of his sobriety journey
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In December 2021, Kennedy and Lewis announced their separation after five years of dating. Kennedy discussed how her relationship with Lewis affected her life during the filming of the season 9 reunion, which aired a month later.

“This is not a product of me trying to make my life better, Tom. This is the product of truth. On number two he said, ‘We are not soulmates.’ For me, that was enlightenment. I realized that we used to love each other but we don’t love each other anymore. He has taken his decision. His parents always hated me. It’s never been easy,” he said tom sandoval, “He even became a man who gave up drinking and changed his entire lifestyle for this relationship [wasn’t enough], This was not enough. I still have these anger issues and I will never do that again.”

withdraw your choice

Quotes from James Kennedy about the ups and downs of his sobriety journey
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“After not drinking a single drop for two and a half years, I decided to drink again, drank a couple of times. After Raquel left, I felt like I was getting married, I was engaged, do you know what I mean? Despite everything I did to better myself, it clearly wasn’t enough,” Kennedy said during the season 10 premiere. vanderpump rules, which aired in January 2023. “And frankly, it was a new f–king year. It was 2022, you know, what am I doing? I’m f–king James Kennedy. Like, let me live.

In a separate conversation with Lewis, Kennedy said he calmed down because of her, adding, “If I’m going to leave again, it’s going to be for me next time and there’s no ultimatum in a relationship.”


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