Tyson Fury’s father makes bizarre statement about family as Oleksandr Usyk fight approaches

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Tyson Fury’s father makes bizarre statement about family as Oleksandr Usyk fight approaches – Gudstory

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Tyson Fury’s father, John, has bizarrely expressed his belief that there are vampires in his family.

Fury is one of the best boxers on the planet and is currently preparing for his bout with Oleksandr Usyk on February 17.

The entire Fury family are fighters, of which John is very proud.

However, it appears that the 59-year-old thinks his hunger for blood stems from his connection to vampires.

Tyson Fury's father John

Tyson Fury’s father John makes bizarre comments about family in new book


In a new book, according to the Daily Star, the 59-year-old says: “It’s like there are vampires in the family.

“My cousin Jimmy was born with just two teeth in his head, his dog teeth.

“He’s 60 now and he still has the same teeth as Dracula.”

John himself has gone to Romania to feel closer to Dracula.

He adds: “Dracula is my favorite story of all time, and it tells the story of Victorian solicitor turned estate agent Jonathan Harker, who travels to Romania to meet a mysterious count.

“To reach Dracula’s castle, Harker must pass through the dangerous Borgo Pass.

“I repeated the last leg of Harker’s journey from the Romanian medieval town of Bistrit.

“I don’t know what it is about Dracula that applies to me – maybe it’s because he’s an outsider.

“I like a drop of the red stuff, but I stick to wine rather than blood.”

Of course, vampires are mythological creatures.

But it could potentially explain why Furies are so difficult to stop inside the boxing ring.

Fury will hope to maintain his undefeated fight record when he faces Usyk in Saudi Arabia in less than two months.

Their performance was originally scheduled to take place in the Middle East on 23 December.

However, Anthony Joshua fought Otto Wallin that night, while Fury needed more time to recover from his narrow victory over Francis Ngannou.

Meanwhile, Carl Froch thinks Usyk will beat Fury – insisting the Briton ‘looked confused’ during his win over Ngannou.

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Tyson Fury’s dad thinks vampires run in the family


“2024 is going to be a fantastic year,” he told talkSPORT.

“Hopefully there will be a closeness with Tyson Fury and Usyk.

“I’m picking Usyk over him, just because of the state Tyson Fury is in mentally.

“Hopefully Tyson Fury can have a good camp and rekindle his old greatness when he fought Deontay Wilder three times.

“He looked good, he looked different every time.

tyson fury oleksandr usyk

Tyson Fury is currently preparing for his men’s boxing bout with Oleksandr Usyk due to lock horns on February 17.


“But I don’t know if it’s over yet. He’s struggling to lose weight.

“He seems less motivated. When he fought Ngannou he seemed confused. Has he gotten older overnight?

“Hopefully he comes in and gets the job done, because I want those titles back in the UK, but right now I think Usyk has won that fight.”


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