Amy Robach and TJ Holmes discuss recent battle with relationship therapist during podcast

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Amy Robach and TJ Holmes discuss recent battle with relationship therapist during podcast – Gudstory

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Amy Robach and TJ Holmes addressed their recent fight with a relationship therapist during Podcast 642

TJ Holmes, Amy Robach. Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for iHeartRadio

amy roback And TJ Holmes Admittedly he let a small disagreement go too far.

“We can tell you all that Robach and I had a night that can exclusively be attributed to the fight we had,” Holmes, 46, said in her Tuesday, December 26, episode. “Amy and TJ” Podcast.

Roebuck, 50, admitted that they both “needed space” from each other and that the distance was “good” for them to stay calm. He was previously asked on the podcast if he was “open” to doing couples therapy and he declined at the time. However, Holmes quipped Tuesday that he “might have spoken too soon” and that he planned to talk to his old friend. Dr. Jeff Gardere About their fight.

The pair revealed that their disagreement began as something “small” regarding Holmes’s nightly routine, which he eventually allowed to “spoil”.

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“What surprised me was that we’ve had several conversations about your sleep habits,” Roback admitted. “You like to stay on the couch, you don’t like to go to bed, you started cooking at midnight and I just got frustrated. I said, ‘Can we go to bed please?’

Holmes confessed that the argument occurred just before the holidays and that both she and Robach were feeling stressed from the busy time of year. He also acknowledged that alcohol played a small role. Gardere credited both Roback and Holmes for knowing when to frustrate each other.

After deciding not to spend a night together, Holmes admits that he feels guilty about his thought process in solving the case.

“I was embarrassed after the fight that my first thought wasn’t ‘I need to make sure she’s OK, and we’re OK, let me apologize,'” he recalled. “My first thought was, ‘We have to make sure we’re OK because the family is coming to town and we have to put on a good face. We go into the studio together and we have to make sure we’re excited and That we don’t proceed on the assumption that anything is wrong.”

After a few days of silence as they prepared to kiss and make up, Roback and Holmes contacted each other via message. Holmes admitted that he needed a day or two to calm down and process his emotions. For her part, Roback shared that she would rather talk to her boyfriend and “yell” at him, rather than “freeze” him during a disagreement.

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“When there is someone close to me, it is that person who gives me the pain that I am feeling. “I have come to understand that this person is not going to leave my life,” Holmes explained. “But I’m still dealing with that and struggling with being hurt so badly, and then going back and trying to find love for the person who hurt me.”

After talking to Gardere and hearing Robach say how “terrible” the distance was, Holmes lovingly apologized to Robach and said he would work on being a better partner.

Holmes and Robach made headlines more than a year ago when photos of them getting cozy off-camera surfaced. After the scandal, ex GMA3 The anchors were let go from their jobs in January. Earlier this month, Roback and Holmes dropped their own podcast where they discuss their relationship and how their loved ones reacted to the scandal.


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