TikTok lands massive Disney deal, including content hub and publisher partnership


TikTok lands massive Disney deal, including content hub and publisher partnership -Gudstory

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TikTok has landed Disney as its latest big-name publishing partner for Pulse Premiere, its premium ad product announced earlier this year. The company will join other big publishers including NBCU, Condé Nast, Dotdash Meredith, BuzzFeed and others in providing brand-safe videos for marketers to place their ads. The new deal will also see TikTok offer a dedicated destination within the Disney video app, where Disney fans can watch videos from Disney brands, create their own, Disney-themed videos with Disney music and special effects. Players can play trivia, and collect their “character cards”. Favorite player.

The company describes this content hub as “the first of its kind,” showing that its Disney partnership has expanded beyond Premiere Pulse, where it is now one of the largest Pulse Premiere publishers, to include exclusive features — and potentially setting the stage for something similar. Big brand partnerships in TikTok’s future.

The deal was meant to help Disney celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Walt Disney Company, which called for a special celebration on social media. Disney commented on its decision to work with TikTok – an app that is still under government investigation over its ties to China – noting that it had to do with TikTok’s reach. Disney’s portfolio of brands and experiences have received more than 240 billion views on TikTok, Asad Ayaz, chief brand officer of The Walt Disney Company, said in an announcement.


In honor of @Disney’s 100th anniversary, we’re launching the Disney100 Hub on October 16th! It is the first destination of its kind for Disney fans on TikTok, offering a unique interactive experience where stories, magic and memories come together. ▪ Learn more about the Hub and our latest exciting partnership via the link in our bio!

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“…TikTok has become a favorite destination for Disney fans to create, engage, and connect with their favorite Disney movies, shows, characters, and experiences, so we’re thrilled to partner with them as they celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary ” Ayaz said.

The Disney activation on TikTok will be widespread, involving 48 Disney account handles participating for a four-week period in 24 regions around the world, starting on October 16. This will include Disney brands highlighting content from Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel. , ESPN, National Geographic, Disney Parks and more. Those TikTok accounts operated by Disney have a total of more than 150 million followers, but that number may increase with this event as TikTok fans “should expect daily reminders” that they can “follow favorite Disney characters, franchises, movies, and Disney content.” Why are memories connected.” It could also inspire users to create more Disney-related content on the platform.

To help with this, Disney and TikTok will also release a Disney100 playlist to the community, featuring popular songs from Disney’s catalog, ranging from classics from films like “Cinderella” and “The Lion King” to more current songs from “Toy Story.” Are. “High School Musical” and the upcoming film “Wish.”

As a Pulse Premier Publisher Partner, marketers can run ads in brand-safe slots alongside Disney’s entertainment and sports content. Although TikTok offers an endless, personalized feed of content for users to scroll through, Pulse Premiere guarantees that TikTok will run ads immediately after what it refers to as “appropriate videos” from its premium publishing partners. The company has previously partnered with big-name publications for this offering, including NBCU, Condé Nast, Dotdash Meredith, BuzzFeed, Hearst Magazines, Major League Soccer, UFC, Vox Media and WWE.

Due to its placement, TikTok said its users are 2.6 times more likely to interact with a Pulse ad than a comparable ad on other video platforms. It also says that Pulse campaigns increase brand recall by an average of +9.8% and awareness by +6.8%.


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