Cristiano Ronaldo fans express their fury as football icon ‘faces 99 lashes for adultery’

 – Gudstory

Cristiano Ronaldo fans express their fury as football icon ‘faces 99 lashes for adultery’ – Gudstory

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Earlier on Friday, it was revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo had to face 99 lashes in Iran for allegedly adultery.

The Al-Nassr star visited the country last month, where his team beat Persepolis 2-0 in the Asian Champions League.

During his visit to Iran, Ronaldo met painter Fatima Hamimi.

Hamimi, who is said to be 85 percent paralyzed, gifted his photographs to the footballer.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo hugged and kissed a paralyzed painter in Iran and now he could be punished


According to Iranian media via Mundo Deportivo, Ronaldo has sparked anger in the country for embracing the painter.

In footage published on social media, he is seen hugging the artist and kissing her softly on the head.

It is clear that he was acting respectfully and simply wanted to thank Hamimi for his remarkable painting.

Yet Ronaldo has provoked a strong reaction in Iran and lawyers want him to receive 99 lashes as a result of his actions.

In the country, touching a woman who is not your wife is equivalent to adultery.

And football fans have now leapt to his defence, reacting on social media.

“What a joke,” one user said.

The other responded, “What is this?”

A third chimed in: “I thought it was good for her. I could be mistaken but I feel like she enjoyed it :).”

“This is a joke,” another user on Platform

And a fifth fan took aim at Ronaldo’s declining free-kick skills, saying: “He’s had a few floggings on free kicks the last few years, which have been terrible! Give him a rest.”

The report claims that Ronaldo will only have to face punishment if he returns to Iran.

Currently, there are no plans for this to happen.

Al-Nassr have already played in the country and while they are in the Asian Champions League, there are no fixtures meaning the team will have to travel to the country.

However, there could be a possible proposal if a Saudi Pro League team makes it out of the group stages and qualifies for the knockout stages of the competition.

Marca say Ronaldo could be forgiven by a judge if his actions are not punishable.

He may also have to show remorse to ensure he can play for Al-Nassr should they go deep in the tournament.

Ronaldo has been in a relationship with Spanish model Georgina Rodriguez since 2016.

The 38-year-old said late last year that the 29-year-old was ‘the love of his life’ and gushed over their relationship.

“He’s a wonderful person. Yes, he is.” [true love],” He said.

latest developments:

cristiano ronaldo georgia rodriguez

Cristiano Ronaldo has been in a relationship with Georgina Rodriguez since 2016


“Yeah it was [like magic meeting for the first time], Live is my part. She helps me a lot.

“Of course I love her. She is the mother of my children. I am very sentimental about her.”

“She is my friend, we talk, I open my heart to her, she opens her heart to me. [She’s the greatest love of my life],

When asked about potentially getting married, he said, “Why not. Not now!”

“Why not, one day. We will definitely do it one day. It’s my mother’s dream.”


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