The Yankees are trading for an outfielder — no, not this one

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The Yankees are trading for an outfielder — no, not this one – Gudstory

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Alex Verdugo

Alex Verdugo
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We all know the New York Yankees were in the market for a left fielder. But despite his association with San Diego Padres outfielder Juan Soto, Instead, the Bronx Bombers swung a trade with the rival Red Sox for Alex Verdugo – Right player.

Heading to Boston are Richard Fitts, Greg Weissert and Nicholas Giudice.

Boston skipper Alex Cora seems to think something is going for the Yanks After a call with their manager Aaron Boone.

“I called Aaron Boone yesterday, and I talked to him on FaceTime, and he gave me this smile like look. He was so happy. So something big could happen there,” Cora said. According to the Mass Life website.

Verdugo, who arrived to Bean Town in the Mookie Betts trade, is a career .281/.337/.428 hitter. Last season, the 27-year-old hit .264 with 13 home runs and 54 RBI. Left-handed swingman Verdugo is scheduled to become a free agent after the 2024 season.

Fitts, 23, struck out 163 batters and walked 43 over 152.2 innings at Double-A. As part of an arsenal that includes a sweeper, cutter and changeup, his fastball is around 93 mph but has been hitting 97. The 22-year-old Godes was drafted in the eighth round in last year’s draft.

Weissert, 28, made his debut with the Yankees in 2022, but has appeared in just 29 games at the major league level, posting a 4.60 ERA.

I look forward

Jon Heyman of the New York Post believes the trade does not mean the Broncos Bombers will not pursue Soto or free agent Cody Bellinger.

The Athletic’s Brendan Cottee echoed those sentiments, but considered another possible move.


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