‘The BBC has lost the plot!’  Four-hour Savile documentary branded ‘ridiculous’

‘The BBC has lost the plot!’ Four-hour Savile documentary branded ‘ridiculous’

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Political commentator Piers Pottinger has hit out at the BBC over its latest four-part drama The Reckoning, based on the life of Jimmy Savile.

The series, which stars Steve Coogan as the disgraced former BBC presenter, tells the story of Savile’s early career and his commission of child sex crimes, based on the actual testimony of his victims.

In a discussion with Bev Turner in Britain’s Newsroom, Pottinger first criticized the BBC in its latest coverage of the Israel–Hamas war, because the broadcaster avoided calling Hamas a terrorist organisation.

Bev asked: “Can I ask you about the fact that the BBC still does not describe Hamas as a terrorist organisation? Why?”

Piers Pottinger appears on GB News

Piers Pottinger claims BBC has ‘lost the plot’

gb news

Pottinger replied: “Well, that’s ridiculous. I mean, they did the same thing with the IRA at one time when they were killing our civilians and soldiers.

“But no, of course this is absurd.

Pottinger added: “The BBC’s own ridiculous agenda is absolutely disgraceful.

“I mean, tonight they’re making an absurd four-hour documentary on Jimmy Savile, who he celebrated, nurtured, planned, and they admit that they call it a factual drama, even though it involves massive There are fictional moments, as when Jimmy Savile confessed to a priest about terrible crimes he never committed and they admit it is fictional.

“Why are license payers paying the BBC? How much did Steve Coogan get paid for four hours of this so-called drama?

“And who wants to watch four hours of possibly one of the most horrifying celebrity mutilations in British history?

Pottinger said Bev agreed: “I mean it’s nonsense. The BBC has lost its plot, we know that, and that’s why more and more people are watching the People’s Channel.”

Steve Coogan plays Jimmy Savile in BBC's The Reckoning

Steve Coogan has defended the BBC’s production of The Reckoning


The show’s star Steve Coogan has defended the broadcaster’s making of the series, as he told the Radio Times: “It’s controversial and I understand that. The BBC are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. They are cursed.” And I believe the right choice will suffer if they do.

“Broadly speaking, it’s better not to talk about something at all. The team had the right attitude and it was done in collaboration with the survivors.

“I think when it airs, it will stand on its own.”

The first episode of The Reckoning will air on BBC One on 9 October, with all episodes released on iPlayer.


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