Team Cole or Alex?  Breaking Down the ‘My Life with the Walter Boys’ Love Triangle Timeline

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Team Cole or Alex? Breaking Down the ‘My Life with the Walter Boys’ Love Triangle Timeline – Gudstory

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Team Cole or Team Alex?  Breaking My Life With Walter Boy's Love Triangle Timeline 620

Noah LaLonde as Cole, Nikki Rodriguez as Jackie, Ashby Gentry as Alex Netflix (3)

My life with the Walter Boys’ The messy love triangle between a girl and two brothers may sound familiar – and it was designed to be exactly that.

The series is based on but novak’s The 2014 novel of the same name follows Manhattanite Jackie Howard (nikki rodriguez) when she moved in with family friends after the deaths of her parents and sister. While settling into her new rural lifestyle in Colorado, she finds herself with two nearly estranged brothers: Cole (noah lalonde) and Alex Walter (ashby gentry), which cannot be much different.

,[The story] Inspired by Damon and Stefan [Salvatore] From the Vampire DiariesNovak told Entertainment Weekly In December 2023. ,There’s something very compelling about a love triangle, and there are many YA books that have been influenced by that show.

the Vampire Diaries The novels were released by author LJ Smith in the early 90s. The books were later adapted into an 8-season series for The CW, starring Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert, a girl who falls in love with the vampire brothers: Stefan (Paul Wesley) and daemon (Ian Somerhalder, my life with walter boys Following a similar trajectory, the story began on the writing and publishing website Wattpad before being adapted into a novel and later picked up by Netflix. The first season arrived on the streaming service in December 2023, and the romantic drama was picked up for Season 2 just weeks later.

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When walter boys While the novel ends with Jackie breaking up with Alex and moving in with Cole, the TV series takes a different approach. Viewers saw Jackie express her feelings for Cole and the two exchanged a passionate kiss at the end of Season 1, despite her still being in a relationship with Alex. Overwhelmed by her emotions, she moves back to New York City with her uncle Richard (alex quijano), leaving nothing behind except an apology note.

“We have to make changes to make it work as a TV series,” showrunner melanie halsall explained to ew, “The way the relationships unfold, especially Jackie and Alex’s relationship, is a little different than in the book. And what happens at the end will surprise people because it’s different from the book, but I hope it will surprise audiences – both audiences who loved the book and new audiences – a little bit.

Halsall explained that after a drama-filled season, she wanted everything to feel peaceful in Walters’ world until the finale before finally exploding.

“By episode 10, everything will be settled,” she said. “Her relationship with Alex is going well. There is a truce between Alex and Cole. It seems like she and Cole are okay as friends – and then I wanted to blow it all off. That was always my intention, to take the audience on a certain path and then blow it all up.”

Where this trio goes from here remains to be seen, but Gentry tells us about whose side the actors are rooting for popternative His opinions on love triangles changed over time.

“When we were shooting it, I was like, ‘How can you watch this show and not be Team Alex?’ Like, it didn’t make any sense to me,” he said after the series arrived on Netflix. “I’ll even talk to Noah and say, ‘How come you’re not Team Alex? You read the script!’ Then I’m watching it again and I get it. I understand why there is tension. I’m like, ‘Oh, maybe it comes down to true love.’

Keep scrolling for the full timeline of the love triangle between Jackie, Alex, and Cole:

jackie comes

The first episode of the series sees Jackie arriving at the Walter family farm, where she immediately gets on Cole’s radar after meeting him near the pool. The pair’s chemistry is immediate, with Cole giving Jackie the nickname “New York”. Meanwhile, Alex and Jackie connect when they are put in the same class. Since the other brothers are constantly harassing him, Alex provides him with friendly support.

Team Cole or Team Alex?  Breaking My Life With Walter Boys Love Triangle Timeline 618
Courtesy of Netflix

2 sides of cole

While Jackie and Cole meet by the water one evening in episode 2, she later learns that he was the mastermind behind the prank that bleached her hair. At the same time, she and Alex grow closer when he shows her his favorite place on the farm: the children’s loft. The two jump into a haystack and even kiss each other before being interrupted by Cole.

a close kiss more than twice

Cole convinces a stressed Jackie to skip school in episode 3, leaving Alex to struggle to care for her. While drinking at a party during the day, Jackie almost kisses Cole while drunk during a game of Truth or Dare, but vomits instead. Back at the farm, she tries to kiss Alex while thanking him for always being there for her, but he tells her he wants their first kiss to happen when she’s sober.

a messy mix

Jackie confides in Cole about their shared loss, while the two are left home alone to work in the yard as punishment for skipping school in episode 4. As the power goes out in the house due to a storm, the intensity between them increases, and they almost kiss before returning to the family home – and Alex finds them together.

not a very pleasant holiday

Episode 5 sees Jackie’s first Thanksgiving with Walters. After her family’s tea kettle is accidentally broken, Cole sneaks away to try to put it back together. Meanwhile, Alex makes his grandest appearance by taking her to a spot where she can watch the sunset between two trees – he hopes she will be reminded of Manhattanhenge when she is missing New York City. As Cole finishes his kettle, he sees Jackie and Alex sharing their first kiss.

Team Cole or Team Alex?  Breaking My Life With Walter Boys Love Triangle Timeline 617
Courtesy of Netflix

coming to blows

Alex and Jackie become stable in their relationship in episode 6. The pair are in romantic bliss, before he learns that Alex and Cole fought over a girl before he arrived. She learned that Cole had kissed Alex’s then-girlfriend Paige at a party upon returning from a summer out of town. When Jackie asked Alex why he didn’t tell her, Alex confessed that he was afraid to be honest because he was afraid Jackie would realize he was out of her league. Later, Alex and Cole drunkenly get in each other’s faces, resulting in Alex punching Cole in the face.

rain soaked statement

Alex and Cole’s problems continue to grow, while their brother Nathan (Corey Fogelmanis) is rushed to the hospital. Cole later picks up Jackie when she is lost in the woods and he questions why Jackie is with Alex, and accuses her of dating his brother because she is “safe”. As they get caught in the rain, Cole reveals that he never knew Alex and Paige were dating and that he never intended to hurt his brother.

Team Cole or Team Alex?  Breaking My Life With Walter Boys Love Triangle Timeline 619 643
Chris Large/Netflix

a truth exposed

After Cole spirals in episode 7 and tells Jackie he wishes she never went to Colorado, he and Alex eventually mend their differences. While driving Jackie home later that day, Cole’s truck breaks down and he admits that he doesn’t want to hurt Alex, but he “doesn’t want” to be with Jackie, causing the two to meet at an intersection. is abandoned.

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strange marriage

As Alex grows increasingly attached to Jackie, she finds herself drifting apart due to Cole’s confession. She and Cole share a sweet moment in a field while picking wild flowers, which she later learns represents unrequited love. When Alex tells Jackie he loves her and then passes out after drinking too much champagne, Jackie finds the tea kettle that Cole had fixed but never gave her. She confronts him in the barn, and the pair share a passionate kiss. The next morning, she flees to New York City, leaving only a note.


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