Pro-Palestinian protests in Sydney and Melbourne are expected to remain peaceful

 – Gudstory

Pro-Palestinian protests in Sydney and Melbourne are expected to remain peaceful – Gudstory

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More than 1,000 police will be deployed at tense pro-Palestine rallies in Sydney and Melbourne, with concerns over whether “extraordinary powers” will be used on protesters.

Hundreds of people are expected to gather in support of Palestinians under siege as Israel prepares a ground attack on northern Gaza within hours.

They will protest despite calls to cancel the rallies amid heightened tensions over the conflict, with NSW Premier Chris Minns and police urging Sydneysiders not to attend after anti-Semitic chants were heard at a previous rally.

pro-palestine rally
camera iconThousands of people joined peaceful protests in Brisbane, Canberra and Perth on Friday. NCA Newswire/Martin Ollmann Credit: News Corp Australia

Mr Minns had a dire warning for Sydneysiders if scenes from Monday’s protests were repeated over the weekend.

“It would be devastating to Sydney’s sense of togetherness, our multicultural, multi-faith community, we cannot see those scenes again and the police have every right to protect and ensure those scenes at the weekend are not repeated.” Go,” he said. Said.

NSW Police will have the option to use “extraordinary powers” such as searching protesters without cause and demanding they identify themselves upon request.

Acting Commissioner David Hudson said, “We want to look for people who we think may protest or who have expressed an interest in protesting, based on the experiences of weapons and fire, Monday night.” Is.”

Group organizers have placed a list of demands on attendees in an effort to avoid violence or anti-Semitism, including banning flares, anti-Semitic chants and face coverings for non-religious purposes.

pro-palestine rally
camera iconThe police will keep a close watch on the activities of the protesters. NCA Newswire/Tertius Picard Credit: News Corp Australia
pro-palestine rally
camera iconThere are concerns about the possibility of clashes between rally participants and counter-protesters. NCA Newswire/Tertius Picard Credit: News Corp Australia

“We will not tolerate anyone bringing any flags or any items associated with Hezbollah or Hamas or designated terrorist organizations,” the group said in its list of requirements for protesters.

“Possessing these flags is a criminal offence. You will be expelled from the rally.”

The Palestine Action Group also warned about the provocative conduct of police and counter-protesters.

“There may be counter-protesters who come to the rally with Israeli flags to provoke us. Do not contact them under any circumstances,” he wrote.

“We want you not to provoke the police that day, even if their conduct is provocative. “This could lead to a rapid escalation of violence that would put all protesters at risk.”

Peaceful protests were seen in Brisbane, Canberra and Perth on Friday night, raising hopes that Sunday’s protests can go ahead without incident.


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