Pokémon Concierge review: A beautiful reminder to take some time off


Pokémon Concierge review: A beautiful reminder to take some time off -Gudstory

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Most TV shows set in the world pokemon Focus on defeating trainers and their magical pets and racing from one area to another in the quest to become the greatest fighting team. But fighting for glory is the last thing on anyone’s mind pokemon janitor – Netflix’s new stop-motion animated series from Dwarf Animation Studio and director Ogawa Iku.

instead, pokemon janitor imagines a tropical paradise where humans and Pokémon alike would love to get away for some much-needed time away, and the show does such a fantastic job of bringing your dream island to life that it may make you yearn for your own vacation. Is.

Set on a lush island, where the famous Pokémon Resort welcomes pocket monsters of all shapes and sizes to rest and refresh, pokemon janitor The story tells how a young woman named Haru (Karen Fukuhara) becomes the resort’s newest employee. After being dumped by her boyfriend, fumbling at her office job, and realizing that she is not happy with the pace of her life, Haru knows she needs to change things. Understanding this about himself makes it easier for Haru to quit his old job and move on when he gets the opportunity to join the Pokémon Resort as the newest concierge.

Like most people struggling with (almost) quarter-life crises, Haru isn’t entirely sure what she wants when the series begins. But the mere chance of being able to find some purpose and enjoy luxury on the beach is enough to convince Haru that giving up his life to become a special kind of Pokémon caretaker is absolutely the right move. somewhat similar poketsumThe all-too-real existential dread that drives Haru on her way to the Pokémon Resort pokemon janitor It feels like it’s speaking to an adult audience that grew up loving this franchise.

But the more older viewers find themselves following Haru’s quest for a burnt-out heel, pokemon janitor‘s narrative rhythm, its whimsical production design, and its theme song by city pop legend Maria Takeuchi give the show a playful lightness that will appeal to young audiences. But pokemon janitor It feels like this is the first time in years that the company has landed on something truly inspired – mainly because of how dwarf and character designer Tadahiro Uesugi has crafted the series like an intricate, earthy, and feel-filled diorama. Which has been brought to life with love. ,

Classic Pokémon like Pikachu, Psyduck, and Dragonite have been haunting people’s minds for decades. But pokemon janitor Highlighting small details like the woolliness of Eevee’s fur or how light bounces off Mudkip’s skin so effectively makes the show feel like it’s captured their essence in a way that wouldn’t be possible in any other medium. will be.

much the same way pokemon janitorWhile its aesthetic simplicity belies the technical complexity of the production, its stories about shy, insecure and stressed-out Pokémon who need someone’s help might seem like too little risk to make for interesting television. However, there’s an intention behind the show’s smaller scope, and its focus on slowing down to enjoy simple pleasures makes each season of this show feel like a reminder of how important it is to take a break from the daily grind for what it’s worth. We all usually feel grateful.

In just four episodes, pokemon janitor It feels perfectly compact for a casual watch, and it’s tiny enough because of how enjoyable the whole thing is. but with pokemon The franchise is potentially at a turning point and with the most recent generation of mainline games coming to a close, there’s a chance we could be back in Pokémon Resorts in some form or another sooner or later.

pokemon janitor It also stars Imani Hakim, Josh Keaton and Lori Allen. all four episodes of pokemon janitor Now streaming on Netflix.


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