Monica Garcia Says ‘Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’ Exit ‘Wasn’t My Decision’

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Monica Garcia Says ‘Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’ Exit ‘Wasn’t My Decision’ – Gudstory

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Monica Garcia Says It Wasn't My Decision to Exit RHOSLC
Fred Hayes/Bravo

Monica Garcia Making it clear that he did not decide to leave voluntarily real housewives of salt lake city After one season.

“It will be the cast and Bravo’s decision. It would not have been my decision,” said Monica, 40. cut In a profile published on Wednesday, January 24, Bravo was asked a hypothetical question about leaving the hit.

A day earlier on Tuesday, January 23, reports surfaced that Monica would not return for Season 5 ROSLC. Later that day, executive producer andy cohen revealed on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen The talk show reported that Monica would be taking a “break” from the show.

Monica joins ROSLC Season 4, where she made an instant splash. During the finale earlier this month, costars heather gay The cast were told that Monica was the brains behind the Instagram troll account Reality Von Teese.


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“I really didn’t think it would be a big deal really. This was even bigger than this jane [Shah] Getting arrested and going to jail,” Monica recalled. cut Of disclosure. “It’s kind of funny, that they’re more upset about a contemptuous page on me than they are about someone bilking elderly people out of millions of dollars. “It was the person they chose to stand with, but that’s all and that’s all.”

Monica Garcia Says It Wasn't My Decision to Exit RHOSLC
Meredith Andrews/Bravo

Monica explained that she was “ready” to be exposed to the Reality Von Teese bomb during filming — and ready to “own it.”

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“The page was never about him. It was about Jane,” she added. “They want to say, ‘This bothered us for four years’ – at first, the page was only open for a year. Secondly, it was really about exposing Jane. Lisa Barlow“That was a lot more hot-mic bravado than anything we ever said on Von Teese.”

49 year old Lisa was defamed by calling her then-friend meredith marks A “f–king whore” goes on a profanity-laden rant during a Season 2 cast visit. According to Monica, Lisa’s hot mic moment was a bigger deal than the post she posted on her anonymous social media account.

While Monica was ready to let the cast know the reality Von Teese knew, she didn’t know it could come at the cost of personal betrayal.

“What I wasn’t prepared for — and why you see I was so shocked — was that my former best friend gave them a lot of other information,” she explained. cut, Referring to Heather, 49. “I was shocked by what my best friend did, not by the reality Von Teese revealed.”


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