My Favorite Luxe Underwear Is 50% Off at Nordstrom, So I’m Stocking Up Before Valentine’s Day

 – Gudstory

My Favorite Luxe Underwear Is 50% Off at Nordstrom, So I’m Stocking Up Before Valentine’s Day – Gudstory

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I’m very particular about my underwear – they have to be comfortable, beautiful… oh, and they Sure Have a belt cut. When I tell friends I only wear thongs, I get intimidated and get reactions like, “Why would you do that to yourself?” And, “Ouch!”

Listen, I understand. Every woman has been traumatized by a terrible abdominal experience that possibly involves one of the most painful orgasms of her life. I can relate to this (and I’ve experienced it myself!), but I can’t stand underwear lines. So, my mission has been to find soft, stretchy designs that don’t leave me uncomfortable or in pain.

I’ve tried dozens of options over the last 12 years, and none compare to the Hanky ​​Panky Lace Thongs in thong comfort or style. After finding out what these undies were, I tried them on Jennifer Aniston’s Favorites – Because everything the A-list icon likes has to be good! I have to admit that as soon as they arrived at my door, I was surprised.

Get the Hanky ​​Panky Assorted 5-Pack Lace Original Rise Thongs at Nordstrom for $60 (originally $120)!

First things first, I love how pretty the lace looks. While laces often get a bad rap for being itchy, these lace miracles feel silky smooth to the touch and don’t rub uncomfortably against the skin at all. In addition to the lace, I appreciate that they’re also designed with a cotton gusset for some breathability – an important feature for all women’s underwear. Also, you may notice there isn’t a size option, but these babies have some serious stretch and can fit sizes 4 to 12.

I know a five-pack comes with a little sticker shock. At $120, it’s not quite the bargain of a Victoria’s Secret five for $25 — but the quality far outperforms any other thongs in my rotation. Super stretchy laces don’t start unraveling even after a few wears or washes. I’ve been wearing my Hanky ​​Panky thongs for almost two years, and they still look as fresh as the day I unboxed them. I’d buy them at regular price any day because I like them so much. However, I’m going to stock up because Nordstrom has 50% off select colorways.

This sale comes just in time for Valentine’s Day – so guys, if you’re shopping for your lady, this one’s for you (but don’t forget the chocolates or roses!) even if you’re not shopping for someone special. Are doing. , these boxes are very “consider yourself worthy.” I may not have any Valentine’s plans, but as a strong, independent woman, I will be taking advantage of this sale because I feel confident whenever I wear sexy underwear. he is Real Cause we wear underwear anyway, right?

Be sure to stock up before the sale ends!

See it: Get the Hanky ​​Panky Assorted 5-Pack Lace Original Rise Thongs at Nordstrom for $60 (originally $120)!

Is this not what you are looking for? Check out all the products on sale at Nordstrom here!

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