Minnie Driver mourns former costar and friend Matthew Perry: ‘He made people feel good’

 – Gudstory

Minnie Driver mourns former costar and friend Matthew Perry: ‘He made people feel good’ – Gudstory

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Minnie Driver and Matthew Perry at the 2002 SAG Awards
Vince Bucci/Getty

minnie driver She has nothing but fond memories of her former co-star Matthew Perry.

Driver, 53, met Perry, who died in October, when they both appeared in the 2003 London stage production. Sexual perversion in Chicago. He collected his thoughts on his legacy in an emotional essay Guardian.

“When we were rehearsing for the first time [the play], I wanted to talk to him properly. I was going for lunch with my family, and I remember he called and said, ‘Do you mind coming to meet us?’ And he was very easy-going about it,” the actress wrote in an article posted on Monday, December 18. “The restaurant kept us in the back, away from the people, but when he came in… the whole place lit up. smiled all over,,

The driver noted that Friend The alum was “so sweet” to her family before she got bogged down by the “insecurities” of performing on stage. ,It’s funny when you rise above fear to form relationships, but we did that that summer,” he added.

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During their summer across the pond, Driver and Perry hung out outside rehearsals, played tennis, and enjoyed ice cream in Hyde Park.

Driver wrote, “Matthew was one of the smartest people you would ever meet, he was extremely funny in the way he reacted to people.” “He won’t let you get away with anything. Sure, I used to tell really long stories and he always did it with great timing where he would nod off in the middle – very funny – but he was not mean in any way. He was the most self-deprecating person and was genuinely kind. “Whoever asks him for help, he will help.”

On October 28, it was reported that Perry had died at the age of 54. The actor was found unconscious in the hot tub of his Los Angeles home by local law enforcement officials. Two months later, the county medical examiner confirmed that Perry died from “the acute effects of ketamine.” Drowning, coronary artery disease and the effects of buprenorphine (often used to treat opioid use) were also listed as contributing factors.

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Although it is not known why Perry was taking ketamine, he had long struggled with addiction and had been to rehab twice.

“Since Matthew wrote his beautiful book, everyone knows about his struggle with addiction,” Driver wrote on Monday, referring to Perry’s 2022. friend, lover and terrible thing Memoir. “I found it incredibly difficult to read and had to put it down and pick it up again – it felt unbearable, how much she had to suffer.”

He added, “He was in a good place when we were doing the play, but the thing about him was that he was like a light. He was one of those people who made other people feel good. Somehow, they don’t trap you in their sadness or their pain, and now I know that their pain was great.”

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