Luke Littler breaks his own tradition after another storming win at the World Darts Championship

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Luke Littler breaks his own tradition after another storming win at the World Darts Championship – Gudstory

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Luke Littler has broken his own tradition by skipping a McDonald’s kebab after his win on Wednesday night.

The 16-year-old defeated Matt Campbell 4-1 to book his place in the Round of 16 of the competition.

Littler has eaten kebab after every win in the tournament so far.

Yet the teenager has now told Sky Sports that he chose McDonald’s instead, although he did not reveal which meal he chose.

darts luke littler

Luke Littler has given up kebabs for McDonald’s after his victory over Matt Campbell at the World Darts Championship.

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“I said to the fans, do you want to see me eating kebabs? No, McDonald’s,” he revealed.

Sky presenter Hayley McQueen asked Littler what his favorite kebab was.

The teen said: “Just a standard mayonnaise, salad with a doner wrap.”

Littler has enjoyed astonishing progress so far in the tournament.

He is also dreaming of going on and becoming the youngest darts player in history to win a World Championship.

Littler’s number of social media followers has increased amid his sensational exploits in London.

It’s something that has shocked the darts star, with the youngster saying: “It’s crazy.

On X/Twitter and Instagram, I have 80,000 [more] Followers, people outside the hotel asking for pictures.

“You guys want to interview me, it’s absolutely crazy.”

Littler could face Raymond Van Barneveld in the next round, looking to defeat 56-year-old Jim Williams.

It would be a dream come true for the teenager, who idolized Van Barneveld as a child.

“It would be incredible. “I’ve looked up to Barney since I was 18 months old,” he admitted.

“I used to celebrate that.

“But I know Jim is in good form too. he defeated peter wright [in the second round] And he beat me a few years ago.

“I would love to play with Raymond but whoever comes out on top in that game deserves to win it.”

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luke littler

Luke Littler loves life at the World Darts Championship

the countryside

After defeating Campbell, Littler hugged his mother.

Speaking after his win, Kishore shed light on the conversation between the two of them.

“When I saw my mother in the crowd, I started crying,” he said.

“She was nervous. I told her, ‘The dream continues’. She said the same.”

And when asked what he planned to spend his £35,000 earnings on, Littler joked that he was planning a modest shopping spree.

Raymond Van Barneveld

Luke Littler is hoping to face Raymond van Barneveld at the World Darts Championship

the countryside

“I’ll stay at the hotel, rest tomorrow, put myself in more shoes and pants, rest up and see who I play in the next round,” he said.

“It’s a good performance overall, it’s not like the first round.

“I have said that I can win with the lowest average in the tournament, I am happy to succeed in that.

“I have nothing to lose, I have gained a lot again. Now I can just compromise.

“My game is there (to win it) but I can settle for more, the next Jim or Raymond, I’m just happy.”


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