Lamar Jackson is close to joining Patrick Mahomes as the only Black QB with multiple top performers

 – Gudstory

Lamar Jackson is close to joining Patrick Mahomes as the only Black QB with multiple top performers – Gudstory

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Since 2023 was filled with the highest levels of Black quarterbacks, 2024 could just keep the party going. And if things keep going, Patrick Mahomes won’t be the only one anymore.

After his performance on Christmas Day, Lamar Jackson — who already has a unanimous MVP award on his resume — could be on his way to winning his second MVP award, joining Mahomes as the only Black quarterbacks to hold the honor.

“I thought Lamar had an MVP performance tonight.” Ravens coach John Harbaugh said, where his quarterback accounted for 297 yards of offense and a pair of touchdowns. “It takes a team to perform like that, but it takes a player to play at this level, to play at the level of an MVP, it takes a player to play like that. Lamar was all over the field.”

jackson in Driver’s seat for the award “After months.”Nobody wants himNever forget that before he signs it Five-year contract worth $260 million In April to stay in Baltimore, teams The owners were announcing this all over the league They were the best player in the game.

If Jackson can capture the award, it will be his second in five seasons, as he won his first in 2019. Mahomes won his first the year before Jackson, meaning we are weeks away from history repeating itself, as Mahomes did. And Jackson. Go back a second time.

In 2003, he became Steve McNair The first black quarterback to win the Most Valuable Player Award. Twelve years later, Cam Newton became the first to win it outright, with McNair sharing his award with Peyton Manning. Newton was followed by Mahomes, Jackson, Mahomes, and maybe Jackson again.

At the beginning of the year, Mahomes and Jalen Hurts made history as The first two black quarterbacks to face each other in the Super Bowl — Join the small List of black quarterbacks who played in sports’ biggest game. By the time the draft was put forward, More history was made As Bryce Young, CJ Stroud and Anthony Richardson became the first three Black quarterbacks to be selected in the top five. Months later, another milestone was accomplished when 14 Black quarterbacks started during the first week of the 2023 season – More than ever. In October, Tyrod Taylor became the first black quarterback to win a game for the New York Giants – A sign that things have not changed as much as they seem.

I became Marilyn Briscoe The first black starting quarterback in the history of professional football In 1968. He died in 2022, six months before the best year Black quarterbacks have ever had in the NFL. It’s a statistic that highlights history and is evidence of how slow progress has been.


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