KSI reveals prize money ahead of blockbuster Tommy Fury boxing showdown

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KSI reveals prize money ahead of blockbuster Tommy Fury boxing showdown – Gudstory

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KSI has revealed he has no idea how much money he is making from tonight’s blockbuster showdown with Tommy Fury.

The two men have a cordial relationship and will be taking to the ring in Manchester to settle their differences.

KSI has evolved from a YouTuber and social media star to a boxer in recent years and is undefeated in his seven fights so far.

His victory over Logan Paul in 2019 is the biggest achievement of his sports career so far.

ksi logan paul

KSI’s biggest boxing win came when he defeated Logan Paul in the ring in 2019


And KSI, speaking to The Sun ahead of his fight with Fury, has now claimed he has no idea how much money he will make from the proceedings.

“When it comes to numbers, I’m clueless most of the time,” the 30-year-old said.

“For this fight, I don’t even know how much I’m getting paid.

“I don’t know. I know how much Tommy is getting paid and that’s it.

“I’m not really bothered, money is not the reason I do it, I like making big moments, I like looking at my legacy and saying, ‘Yeah, that was bad.’

“I love shocking the world, I love it.

“There’s something about it that makes me feel so… I don’t want to say godlike, but it makes me feel super powerful.

“I think after that I will be able to make life hell for a lot of people on social media. I’m just excited.”

KSI has already admitted that he has his sights set on his next payday against the likes of Conor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather and Jake Paul.

And he is adamant that money doesn’t matter to him and that he is involved in boxing because he is truly passionate about it.

He further added, “I am happy with where I am in terms of money.

“I feel like I’m in a good place. I’ve invested in a lot of things considering how many years I’ve been doing YouTube.

“When I first started I invested in houses because I didn’t know how long this YouTube bubble would last.

“So yes, I’ve made the money I wanted to make and now I’m looking for more.”

Fury has been scrutinized for his decision to fight KSI, having previously gone up against Jake Paul.

Like half-brother Tyson, he is now openly insisting that he has no problem fighting just for the money.

Tyson Fury will face off against Francis Ngannou in Saudi Arabia at the end of the month and he has repeatedly boasted about his potential earnings from the fight.

Now Tommy has also done the same.

The former Love Island star said, “It’s easy money. Nobody in my position would turn it down. Even the world champion.”

“Normally I would fight these big old scary Russian guys who have about 30 knockouts on their record.

“If you’re going to ask me to fight KSI, a YouTuber, or Jake Paul, no problem. Sign me up.”

He added, “These YouTube fights are not the high point of my life. I’m here to do more than that.”

latest developments:

boxing tommy fury

Boxing star Tommy Fury has defended his decision to fight KSI


“Tyson first fought for a world title at the age of 27, I’m still years away from that.

“So I don’t know who’s going to be around and who has the belt, I want to challenge for it. 100 percent. I haven’t trained in my entire life. [to stop now],

“Don’t forget that I was a boxer before this stuff was on YouTube.

“I have never trained in my entire life to get in the ring with a YouTuber and get paid well.

“I have trained to become world champion. Even when all these fights are over, I will continue to do so.

“Because I couldn’t live with myself at 70, if I had made it this far, [and say to myself] ‘You know what I should have done and should have done’.”


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