Jonny Irwin admits helping with latest health battle as fans urge ‘don’t try to finish it!’

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Jonny Irwin admits helping with latest health battle as fans urge ‘don’t try to finish it!’ – Gudstory

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Jonny Irwin has been encouraged by fans to “look after yourself” as he admits he has tried to “deal with” his latest health problem.

The 49-year-old is currently living with terminal cancer after being diagnosed in 2020 and this week he found himself trying to get a chest infection under control as well.

However, earlier this week Irwin admitted he “should have stayed inside” to fight the infection as he shared a glimpse of a family day out, but he has now revealed he had to deal with the disease earlier Refused to use antibiotics.

Irwin made the revelation on Tuesday evening when he posted a photo from the health and wellness center where he eventually sought help.

“I was getting chest infections from everywhere; antibiotics (I tried to get over it but it was getting worse),” Irwin admitted in an Instagram post along with some photos of the scene.

He continued: “2 hours in my @o2worx hyperbaric chamber this morning and now deep breathing in the salt room at @sereniti_health.

johnny irwin

Jonny Irwin is being treated for a chest infection this week

Instagram/Johnny Irwin

“So relaxing and I have found this place! All wrapped up and relaxing.

She concluded, “I feel like I have some great and knowledgeable people around me atm. #saltylips #alternativetherapies #healthspa #healthandwellness.”

Irwin seemed like his condition was improving due to treatment for the infection, with many fans encouraging him to seek help as soon as possible.

A concerned fan commented in response, “You look amazing Johnny! But don’t try anything.” “If you need antibiotics they will clear up a chest infection quickly.

“You are a complete inspiration and your stories about your beautiful boys never fail to brighten my day. I just want you to continue to be like this for many years to come.”

As he spoke, this sentiment was echoed within a second: “Keep on truckin’ as Eddie Kendrick once sang… You take care of yourself, buddy, keep on taking whatever they give you.”

She added: “Glad you enjoyed the salt bath. Sending strength and big hugs. Lots of love,” while a third commented: “Thinking of you. Get well soon. We’re all 100% Are with you.”

A fourth also praised: “I’ve honestly thought about how much better you look in your photos lately. You’re doing amazing.”

While another said, “Johnny you are an inspiration to all of us. Keep fighting and I promise to do the same.” (Thus)

News of Irwin’s infection came Monday after he went out pumpkin picking with his wife, Jess, and their three young boys.

johnny irwin

Johnny Irwin and his family recently enjoyed a day out picking pumpkins

Instagram/Johnny Irwin

Along with a collage of adorable family day out photos, Irwin revealed: “Probs should have stayed in due to my chest infection but meeting uncle @mchomes at the allotment would have taken away a lot of the FOMO.

“Sometimes I need a push and seeing the boys enjoy picking some apples, and the pumpkin was fantastic. Unfortunately feeding @jessofjesmond obsession with Halloween has a downside!”

Irwin went public with his cancer diagnosis in late 2022, when the disease spread from his lungs to his brain.

She is a familiar face on screen after starring in A Place in the Sun, Morning Live and Escape to the Country.

He even made a record-breaking return to ETTC for an all-new episode last month and added to the excitement earlier this month by revealing that he is busy shooting for another on-screen project.


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