England news: LGBT+ football fans say Harry Maguire is trying to silence them after Jordan Henderson comments

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England news: LGBT+ football fans say Harry Maguire is trying to silence them after Jordan Henderson comments – Gudstory

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England’s LGBT+ fans are furious at Harry Maguire after he defended Jordan Henderson following criticism of the midfielder at Wembley.

The former Liverpool star came off the bench on Tuesday night as the Three Lions qualified for Euro 2024 with a 3-1 win over Italy.

Henderson has faced scrutiny since opting to leave Liverpool for Al-Ettifaq in the summer.

As a longtime ally of the LGBT+ community, many felt the giant had abandoned his ethics in order to pursue lucrative money in the Middle East.

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After the win over Italy, Maguire jumped to Henderson’s defence.

“Proper England fans don’t criticize players,” the Manchester United star said.

“Don’t criticize the players who dedicate their lives to playing and do everything possible to give this country good memories and create special moments for them and their families.

“You heard some people cheering when he came on, but they’re not England fans.”

But a spokesman for the Three Lions Pride has condemned Maguire’s comments and accused the centre-back of trying to silence them.

He told The Mirror: “Fans have a legitimate voice, and ultimately fans can take a number of steps to show their dislike of players, teams or owners.

“We have seen fantastic fan action across the game in relation to all of these aspects in the past.

“Booing is never something fans want to do to their team, but it’s indicative of the strength of feeling around this issue and Henderson’s choice.

“It’s clear it’s not just LGBT+ fans who think he’s a Saudi sellout.

“That is to say, the fans who follow this team loyally home and away and at great personal expense are not the ‘proper’ fans who are the gatekeepers of the game – otherwise how would Maguire want fans to register their dislike?

“There is a lack of interest in listening to the dialogue or nuance that fans and fan groups have spent their free time amplifying and unfortunately that means the only way to be heard is through direct action.

“For a player who believes that is what makes football a ‘proper’ fan base, gatekeeping is a reminder of a time when LGBT+ fans were not welcome and people were excluded from this beautiful game.

“The fans are the soul of the game, without us there is no atmosphere.

“Attempts to silence our voices can only create a hollow environment.

“Why do members of the England team feel the need to silence the fans’ voices because they don’t agree?

“Our views are very open and clear, anyone can see.

“And, as always, our doors are open to constructive dialogue if anyone in England wants to get involved.”

Henderson had previously insisted that he had not gone to Saudi for money.

But when asked if this was a factor in his move to the Middle East, he did a U-turn on it.

“Yeah, sure, I’ve said it before,” he said.

England News Harry Maguire

England news: Harry Maguire condemned after defending Jordan Henderson over Saudi Arabia move


“I tried a little bit, I had an interview a few months ago and maybe what I said didn’t come across the way I thought I said it.

“An example of that would probably be when I said I didn’t just go there for the money, I think that makes a big difference.

“That’s not the only reason, but it can be said that I didn’t go there for the money.”

However, he also added: “No regrets.

“I think it’s a good thing to have someone with the same values ​​as me in Saudi Arabia.

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LGBT+ community unhappy with Jordan Henderson after controversial move to Saudi Arabia


“Before I went to Saudi, people knew the groups I had supported and helped in the past.

“My values ​​as a person haven’t changed just because I’m moving to a different country to play football.”

And, when confronted, Henderson admitted that he did not enjoy the experience.

He said, “It’s not good, your own fans (hooting). Everyone has their own opinion.”

“I love playing for England, I’ve played for many years, so I’m still here.”


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