Draymond Green’s days in Golden State may also be numbered

 – Gudstory

Draymond Green’s days in Golden State may also be numbered – Gudstory

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Years of incidents on and off the basketball court finally led to the arrest of Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green. It was announced Tuesday that Green will not be part of Team USA at the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. Green’s comment history played a role in the decision according to Men’s National Team Managing Director Grant Hill.

He added: “We all understand, and certainly have great respect and sensitivity for this particular period of his career, and he is working on some things on and off the field.” Hill said. “We at USA Basketball, we want to support him on his journey. We didn’t feel like playing over the summer gave him the best opportunity to do what he needed to do.”

This would have been Green’s last chance to play in Olympic Games since he was 34 years old in March. It’s hard to imagine he’ll still be at this level in four years. Green will likely be retired from professional basketball by then. All the antics, dust-ups and all-out brawls have finally come back to haunt the former Defensive Player of the Year winner.

Green brought this all on himself, so no one will regret missing the Olympics this summer. But there’s also something to be said for allowing players a lot of leeway during NBA commissioner Adam Silver’s time in office. The player empowerment movement, as it’s called, gained significant steam once Silver took over 10 years ago.

Silver was replaced by David Stern and his first big act was to rid the league of former Clippers owner, Donald Sterling. This was something players around the league, including teammates, backed Sterling with and had a reputation for being an ass to. He was not caught red-handed or shot for the world to witness [or hear] As was his girlfriend at the time. Sure, we all have feelings about the whole ordeal, but it’s Silver’s reaction that caught our attention.

Looking back, it all went fairly quickly, as well Sterling was banned and forced To sell the organization. In this way, the era of the player-friendly commissioner began after many years of Stern ruling with an iron fist. Over time, players became more comfortable. The relationship between this generation of NBA players with Silver is night and day compared to that of his predecessor.

Ultimately, this is a good thing for both parties, but one can’t help but wonder if this amount of freedom has turned into a terrain on which players can make a bad escape. This is not to absolve Greene of any wrongdoing as he is the one who has chosen violence, figuratively (and sometimes literally), and has continued to rebel on numerous occasions.

You have to wonder if things would have been a little different had Silver chosen to continue his work rather than seemingly befriending the stars of his league. I always felt that Silver wanted them to accept him as more than just the guy who ran the league. Different regimes and eras will never be exactly the same, but Silver went to the other end of the spectrum from Stern.

This does not mean that Stern’s method was always the best because he could sometimes overreact or resort to punishments that were too harsh. Given Stern’s take on “tough love,” it might as well be He nipped the Draymond issue in the bud Before long. A long, stiff suspension instead of all those smaller ones over the years might have prevented some of what we’ve seen recently with Green.

There is no perfect way to run any of these tournaments and manage people. With different characters will come a large number of issues that range in importance. Although Green was brutal at times, most of his indiscretions occurred on the field. He must have had an incident on social media where a private photo of him was “leaked” or when he was arrested Michigan for punching a man. Again, he didn’t get a pass for those incidents, but for the most part, he got a pass for Green crap It was within the confines of an NBA arena.

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Regardless of the how or why, here we are now, and Green seems to be slowly stripping things away. If it weren’t for Stephen Curry in Golden State, they would have moved on from him after his knockout punch of Jordan Paul. But that’s probably what’s coming soon.

Green’s departure from the franchise that won him four rings as part of their core group. Once the toothpaste is out of the tube, it will be impossible to put it back in. It will be difficult for the Warriors to continue to turn a blind eye to Green’s outbursts, especially as he reaches his mid-30s.


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