It is important that this camera is present


It is important that this camera is present -Gudstory

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The resurgence of film photography has shown me that casual photographers are looking for a different experience and a different photographic look than our phones or traditional mirrorless cameras. And no other company can provide a different camera experience than Hasselblad.

Yesterday, the company announced its latest digital cameras, the 907X and CFV 100C. It is a mirrorless, medium format camera with a 100-megapixel sensor, phase detection autofocus, and 1TB of internal storage. And although there’s not much new in it – it’s got the Hasselblad

Sadly, at nearly $8,200 for the body alone, most people will never get to experience using the new 907X and CFV 100C. So watch the latest episode of my YouTube series Full Frame to find out why it’s worth renting one of these fantastic cameras just for a weekend.


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