Conor McGregor teases ‘big announcements’ with Cristiano Ronaldo as fans mock UFC icon

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Conor McGregor teases ‘big announcements’ with Cristiano Ronaldo as fans mock UFC icon – Gudstory

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Conor McGregor makes ‘big announcement’ after sitting next to Cristiano Ronaldo in boxing.

The pair were in attendance to watch Anthony Joshua’s victory over Otto Wallin in Saudi Arabia on 23 December.

Joshua needed only five rounds to defeat his opponent and win his third fight of the year.

And Ronaldo and McGregor were both left stunned as Joseph Parker scored a victory over Deontay Wilder on the same card.

McGregor has now taken to social media to tease some exciting news.

He shared a photo of himself sitting with both Ronaldo and Turki Alalshikh.

McGregor accompanied his post with a caption that read: “Legendary evening of boxing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia!

“Big announcements coming. @turkialalshik @cristiano.”

But fans mocked McGregor, saying Ronaldo looked awkward sitting next to him despite the two smiling and joking together.

One user said: “How about the rest of the pictures when Ronaldo looks like he thinks you’ve completely melted!? Haha.”

“He’s a guy you can’t get rid of in a bar,” said another.

A third said: “Long night for Cristiano’s right ear.”

“Leave Ronaldo alone bro,” said a fourth fan.

The fifth user’s words were, “It was difficult to find photos in which Ronaldo is smiling.”

And a sixth said: “I know Ronaldo was tired of hearing you constantly talking throughout the show.”

McGregor may suggest he is on the verge of returning to the UFC, having not fought since a loss to Dustin Poirier in 2021.

The Irishman has resumed full training following that defeat and is eyeing a return to the Octagon.

However, McGregor recently said that his patience with the UFC is ‘wearing thin’ and there has been no confirmation of his return yet.

“Get me back there. Get Mac back there,” he told talkSPORT last week.

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conor mcgregor cristiano ronaldo

Conor McGregor teases ‘big announcement’ with Cristiano Ronaldo


“The Mac has a lot to offer and a lot more to give.

“They’re here in Saudi talking to Manny (Pacquiao), the guys in the UFC aren’t really talking about anything, the guys over here talking to Manny, the guys in the UFC aren’t really talking about anything So I am sitting here as usual.

“I’m talking about giving me something, I was supposed to come back in April but it was supposed to be in December.

“I sell more figures than anyone I’ve ever brought to this game, no one in the history of fight sports has been treated like I’m being treated right now.

“They should open doors for me and I’m waiting and I’m waiting.

conor mcgregor cristiano ronaldo

Conor McGregor and Cristiano Ronaldo sat next to each other in boxing


“I’m losing myself.”

Fans want to see McGregor face Michael Chandler.

But Chandler thinks McGregor is delaying a potential showdown, saying: “I think right now he’s trying to wait for me.

“Because if you were in his shoes, would you want to wait as long as possible for a guy like me – who’s a real fighter, who wants to be out there, who wants to compete – so that I could say ‘Fuck it. , I’m going to fight somebody else.’

“And then he can fight an easier fight – Nate Diaz… He can fight a much easier fight than he can fight me.”


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