Alyssa Milano defends fundraising for son’s baseball team: I contribute ‘financially’

 – Gudstory

Alyssa Milano defends fundraising for son’s baseball team: I contribute ‘financially’ – Gudstory

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Alyssa Milo responds to backlash about sharing GoFundMe page
Courtesy of Alyssa Milano/Instagram

Actress alyssa milano When he asked his social media followers to donate to his 12-year-old son’s baseball team, there was a backlash.

“My son’s baseball team is raising money for their trip to Cooperstown. “Any amount would be greatly appreciated,” Milo, 51, wrote. x On Thursday, January 25. “You can read more about the team and donate here.”

Charmed The alum included a link to a GoFundMe page she started on her husband’s behalf, David Bugliari,

“We hope you will donate to keep our team competitive. Your donation will go towards travel costs, uniforms and dues for the families,” read a message on GoFundMe, which said the team is trying to raise $10,000. “We can also use your donation for pins or novelty items to make our tournaments a memorable experience off the field.”

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Many social media users criticized Milo for asking for money to support his son’s baseball team instead of funding the program himself. Milo has since defended himself. us weekly Have been contacted for comment.

“I am being questioned in the media about whether I contributed financially to my son’s baseball team,” he wrote. x On Friday, January 26. “I’ve paid for uniforms for the entire team and coaches, thrown birthday parties and sponsored any kid who couldn’t afford the monthly dues.”

She added: “The kids themselves also do things to raise money – washing cars, movie nights and lots of other fun things. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the GoFundMe! You have made things easier for these boys and their families.”

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Milano and Bugliari, 43, have a son, Milo, and daughter, 8-year-old Elizabella. he spoke first We About the ups and downs of being a parent.

“I think it’s raising kids who are socially conscious and aware,” he exclusively explained. We In 2018. “But they are still young and they are completely unafraid from the moment they wake up until the moment they go to sleep, like their mother.”

Milo continued at the time, “The heartache you feel as a parent has never happened before — it’s like your DNA is broken. I like it [a] Debilitating heartbreak. And it can be about the strangest things. Just like watching your son’s jaw straighten. I am not joking. Like, all of a sudden, I’m looking at her neck and it’s starting to happen [a] A little boy, not a baby, and the hair on his back is getting thicker, it’s all very disturbing.”


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