8 great series and movies to stream on Disney Plus


8 great series and movies to stream on Disney Plus -Gudstory

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Disney Plus is a service built primarily around the company’s core brands of Marvel, star wars, and Disney – and not much has changed this year. The new 2023 release was still dominated by superheroes and Jedi, but with some Na’vi and Time Lords thrown in for good measure. In fact, the service’s offerings this year were particularly solid for sci-fi fans, spanning multiple galaxies and timelines. If you’re new to Disney Plus, here are some movies and shows to stream first.

From its first season, full of branching timelines and retrofuturistic technology, bottle gourd has carved out its own niche within the MCU while still connecting to (and influencing) the wider multiverse. It’s something you can enjoy alone or as part of a larger story. And that’s true in Season 2, which continues the time-travel antics with new levels of existential threats and some great new characters like Obi (Ke Hui Quan). It doesn’t seem like we’ll be getting a third season anytime soon (if ever), so now is a good time to take a look at the whole thing.

with so many star wars The series is now streaming on Disney Plus, Ashoka To stand out, you need to do something different. And while there are some disappointing elements to the show’s first season — namely how it requires the knowledge of almost clone wars Animated Show – The series still got a lot of things right. That is, it actually digs out more magical elements. star wars mythos, with lots of spectacular ancient ruins and some terrifying witches. At one time there was even a burning sword there. No, it probably wouldn’t have reached that height internal management andBut it was still a stylish excuse to jump back into a galaxy far, far away.

We’re now three seasons into the adventures of Din Djarin and Grogu, and though Baby Yoda’s shine has worn off somewhat, it remains a fun weekly excursion into the depths. star wars Knowledge. Season 3 couldn’t tie up every loose end and, at times, it felt a little too safe. But it featured moody underground exploration and Jack Black and Lizzo as galactic royals. It also ended on a surprisingly relaxing note – although it’s unlikely we’ll have seen the last of Mando and his little friend.

If you are bored of many live-action star warsThe Dreams The collection takes things in a completely different direction. The first volume focused on Japanese-style anime and featured everything from rock opera to samurai duels. Meanwhile, the latest batch of episodes broadens the scope with animated shorts from around the world. The result is a huge range of styles and tones – some are cute, others are scary, and one is even stop-motion.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

The Guardians have always existed largely outside the broader MCU; Yes, there are connections and guest appearances, but you can also enjoy this trilogy on its own. The third story wraps things up considerably in sentimentality – animal lovers, keep some tissues handy – but also retains the family atmosphere and cosmic science-fiction that created it. found it Such a hit in the beginning. And if you still need some more Drax and friends, there’s also a fun holiday special to discover.

werewolf by night This may be the most experimental – and standalone – piece of the MCU yet. It’s a nearly hour-long special that debuted in black-and-white and features no big-name Marvel heroes or villains. Instead, it’s a scary bite of classic horror that evokes classic monster movies and that (at least right now) doesn’t have much of a connection to the rest of the cinematic universe. No need to see background. It’s just 50 minutes of entertaining entertainment, and now you can watch it in color too.

Doctor Who: The Star Beast

a trio of am a doctor The special is helping celebrate the show’s 60th anniversary, while also ushering in a new era on Disney Plus. And things got off to a great start The Star Beast, This special brings back some fan favorites – David Tennant as the Doctor and Catherine Tate as Donna – as well as a very scary Furby-like creature named Meep. It’s got heart and sci-fi ambiguity and surprisingly good production values. It’s just the thing to woo disappointed fans ahead of Nkuti Gatwa’s run.

The biggest movie of 2022 is now streaming from the comfort of your home, making its three-hour-plus long runtime a little easier to manage. water way If nothing else, it’s a visual spectacle that James Cameron has built his career on. It’s pretty much like the first film, but wetter, which means some incredible underwater scenes and even a talking whale. The sequel sets up a lot more to come, which is a good thing – because Cameron has big plans.


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