18 great basics for seamless style every day

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18 great basics for seamless style every day – Gudstory

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If you buy anything for your wardrobe this year, make it meaningful basics. Think about it – Steve Jobs’ wardrobe consisted of the same basic items he wore over and over again while creating technology that changed the world. Although staple styles simplify your wardrobe, they don’t have to be boring. Investing in basics makes it much easier to pull together your wardrobe. Plus, they are generally comfortable and will last a long time if properly cared for.

So, what exactly are the basics of a good wardrobe? Let’s start with the definition of the word “fundamental,” which, according to Oxford Languages, means “forming an essential basis or starting point;” Basic.” This is exactly what basic is: a foundational piece in your wardrobe and a starting point in outfit creation. It is No Statement pieces belong in your wardrobe. It’s simple, useful content you can rely on again and again. It’s usually neutral (or a color you’ll feel comfortable wearing often) and usually high quality so you can wear it for a long time.

Read below for 18 of our favorite finds – happy shopping!

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1. Daily Essentials: A basic white t-shirt is, and I can’t stress this enough, one of the best wardrobe investments you can make. One of the best places you can go for reliable basics is our favorite, this one from Madewell – only $19!

2. American Classic: Since sliced ​​bread, there’s nothing more American than a good blue jeans. We chose Abercrombie’s High Rise 90s Relaxed Jean for its classic look and size customization options — only $90!

3. Dark Denim: Black denim jeans, like this pair from Good American, can seamlessly transition from wearing at the office with a cardigan to a bodysuit for a night out – was $169, now $118!

4. Closet Staple: Both men and women should always have this classic white button-down from Everlane with jeans or a blazer – only $88!

5. One more done: We’ve already included a white tee, but it’s no less important than the black tee – shoppers love this one from Skims – only $48!

6. Tip-Top Turtleneck: When a basic is good, we recommend you buy it in all your favorite colors. This slinky turtleneck from Amazon makes it easy, as it comes in 20 colors to choose from – was $30, now $20!

7. Classic Cashmere: There’s no winter you’ll want to spend without this classic cashmere sweater from Quince, made from 100% grade-A Mongolian cashmere — was $128, now $50!

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8. All Day, Every Day: One of the most versatile, go-with-anything shoes, you’ll want to wear the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers all the time – only $63!

9. Go to sleep: These Pavoi gold hoop earrings feature a simple design that will go with almost everything, while also accenting your look – only $14!

10. Must have: If you need to stock up on a good pair of leggings, we suggest you take a look at this seamless pair from Spanx – only $68!

11. Business Casual: You absolutely need a good trouser for the office, and this trouser from Abercrombie gives you a tailored feel without actually needing anything. Plus, it comes in almost every color you can dream of – only $90!

12. Seasonal staple: With a front tie, double breasted design, side pockets, and a classic feel, you’ll want to own this beige trench coat for every rainy day – at $368!

13. Casual Cardigan: An Amazon bestseller, shoppers say this oversized V-neck cardigan “looks great with so many things” — was $53, now $40!

14. Minimalist Must: With over 5,000 five-star ratings from Amazon shoppers, this slim-fit boatneck top would be perfect for wearing as an undershirt or solo – was $15, now $14!

15. Perfect Fit: Whether you need an undershirt to keep you warm or something to pair under a cardigan, this tank top from Abercrombie will work great for both – only $29!

16. Linen Love: A chic item, these wide-leg linen pants will work for both beach days and work days – only $80!

17. Best bodysuit: Known for its solid basics, this double-layered strapless bodysuit from Skims works as both a base layer and shapewear — only $58!

18. Seamlessly Stitched: Designed with a notched collar, long silhouette, and a button closure, this black blazer is a simple staple that will elevate any outfit – was $75, now $6!


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