Wonder!  Google Chrome available natively for Windows on Arm


Wonder! Google Chrome available natively for Windows on Arm -Gudstory

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It appears that Google is preparing a version of its popular Chrome browser for Windows on Arm. X (formerly Twitter) User pedro justo The latest nightly build of Chrome in the Canary channel saw a native version of the browser for Windows 11 Arm-powered devices.

Google releasing a Chrome Canary version for Windows on Arm is a surprise, and we’ve contacted the company to clarify when it plans to bring it to the stable channel. I installed and tested the Canary version to verify that it is the ARM64 version.

ARM64 native version of Chrome on Windows 11
Screenshot by Tom Warren/The Verge

While Microsoft has long supported the Arm version of its Edge browser based on Chromium, Google has shown no sign of supporting Windows on Arm until this week. Windows devices running Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon chips have to run Chrome in exemplary conditions, albeit with slow performance.

The difference between the Edge ARM64 version and the regular x86 version of Chrome running on Windows on Arm devices is significant. Basic versions of Edge on Arm devices feel just like any other Intel machine, but slowdown and performance issues are noticeable in Chrome on Windows on Arm.

Google has long supported Arm processors with its Chromebooks, offering a version of ChromeOS that is optimized for Qualcomm’s chips. Microsoft was able to ship its own ARM64 version of Edge because the software maker used the basics of Chromium to create a new browser without Google’s Widevine digital rights management (DRM) system. Other browser vendors, which also use Chromium, are sticking to Google’s DRM, so the native Arm browser option on Windows is effectively just Edge.


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