‘What’s the problem?’ Nana Akua says Fiona Bruce is ‘not racist’ amid Question Time row

‘What’s the problem?’ Nana Akua says Fiona Bruce is ‘not racist’ amid Question Time row

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GB News’ Nana Akua has expressed her disbelief at the backlash to a moment on BBC’s Question Time earlier this week.

The moment came as presenter Fiona Bruce attempted to point out a member of the audience to ask the next question.

Nana Akua speaks with Mark Dolan

‘What’s the problem?’ Nana Akua claims Fiona Bruce ‘not racist’ amid Question Time row

GB News

However, Nana made her position on the divisive introduction clear during an appearance on GBN Tonight, with host Mark Dolan.

When asked if an apology was necessary from Bruce, Nana said: “No, he is black. What’s the problem? He’s black!”

Drawing from personal experience, Nana said “I’ve been called the black girl. I don’t have a problem with it. Nobody is insulting or offending.”

“You’re looking at a room that’s mostly filled with white people and there’s one person there who is black.”


Fiona Bruce presents BBC Question TimeFiona Bruce issued an apology to the audience member following the incidentBBC

“You’re describing that person just by looking at them, with what their descriptive characteristics are!”

Nana also shared the story of a previous presenting job she had been on, where a similar incident occurred.

“One time I was presenting a show and there was a person in the gallery, a black girl, and she was the only black girl in the gallery.”

“They went ages, describing what she was wearing, and in the end I went in and said ‘What, the black girl?’”


The BBC has faced backlash after some perceived Fiona Bruce’s comments to be racist


“They said ‘yeah’ and I thought ‘Well why didn’t you just say that?’”

Nana closed off her thoughts, saying: “She’s not being offensive!”

“I appreciate she didn’t reference the white people, but that’s because the room was mostly full of white people.”

“It’d be the same if you were in Ghana and there was a white person in the crowd, you would say ’the white person’, and that’s not an insult.”


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