Virgil van Dijk issues powerful cry as he reveals team’s stance on Jurgen Klopp’s surprise exit

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Virgil van Dijk issues powerful cry as he reveals team’s stance on Jurgen Klopp’s surprise exit – Gudstory

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Liverpool star Virgil van Dijk has appealed to the rest of the squad to step up and perform well to ensure Jurgen Klopp his dream farewell.

The German shocked the football world on Friday when he confirmed he would be leaving the dugout at the end of the season.

Klopp has led Liverpool to the top of the Premier League table so far this season, with the Reds five points ahead of defending champions Manchester City.

And Van Dijk wants the team to step up and ensure the 56-year-old performs strongly in the summer.

liverpool news van dijk klopp

Liverpool news: Virgil van Dijk has addressed Jurgen Klopp’s decision to leave Anfield


“I think it’s how we always try to control the noise that comes from outside,” he said.

“Of course it’s a big thing, it’s huge news in football. It was a big day for us too.”

“But this year we have bigger targets and the manager has certainly stressed that as well.

“For us and for me personally, I want to make sure the other guys feel the same way. I think that’s the case as well.”

“We all want to achieve a lot and that mentality has been there since pre-season and it doesn’t change.

“It will maybe give you that extra boost to do that extra or maybe just have a bit more fun with it and make the last part of the season, the last part of the manager’s time at the club, his best time ever ..”

Van Dijk was signed by Klopp in January 2018.

The Netherlands international arrived from Southampton and became the world’s most expensive defender in the process.

Klopp and Van Dijk have won prestigious awards such as the Premier League and Champions League while working together.

And the Reds captain is grateful for everything his manager has done for him, with him admitting the decision was ‘difficult’ to make.

“It’s hard to accept, because the manager means so much to us, to me, to the club, to the whole Premier League,” he said.

“But he made this decision for himself and his family. It was always going to be difficult and that was certainly the case.”

The timing of the announcement of Klopp’s exit has taken many by surprise.

Yet the German says he is healthy and there is nothing to worry about his departure.

“I’m fine, I’m healthy so as much as you can do at my age, just little changes, no need for anyone to worry,” he said.

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Elaborating further on the timing, he said: “Of course, I would have said nothing to anyone until the end of the season and then said goodbye, but that’s not possible.

“It is not possible to keep things like this a secret in the world we live in.

“There are a lot of things that come into play, personal situations like that, my staff need to know in advance and the club also needs to know.

“You can’t plan anything without making it public and that means the club needs time.

“For years, my role was a leading role, it was not intentional.

liverpool news jurgen klopp

Liverpool news: Virgil van Dijk loves working under Jurgen Klopp at Anfield


“I don’t really want to do that, but I have to because if you have to take a decision like this, it’s better to do it a little early rather than too late.

“This club is an amazing platform and foundation for the future and the only thing that can disrupt it is that you can’t make the right decisions because you are running out of time.

“It was important for me to notify everyone as quickly as possible.”


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