Tyson Fury makes training confession and mocks Oleksandr Usyk in leaked pre-fight interview

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Tyson Fury makes training confession and mocks Oleksandr Usyk in leaked pre-fight interview – Gudstory

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Tyson Fury has admitted he is only training for five weeks ahead of his eye-catching clash with Oleksandr Usyk.

And the Gypsy King has also mocked the Ukrainian for wearing earrings, as their mega fight approaches.

Fury and Usyk were originally scheduled to face each other on December 23, but their fight was delayed as the Briton needed more time to recover from his narrow victory over Francis Ngannou in late October.

They will now meet on February 17, with millions of people set to watch the action in Saudi Arabia.

Boxing News Tyson Fury Oleksandr Usyk

Boxing news: Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk to meet in Saudi Arabia on February 17


A TNT Sports interview with both Fury and Usyk has now leaked online.

And the Gypsy King confessed he has only been training for five weeks before his scrap in the Middle East.

“I’m not even in the gym. I don’t train that far,” he said.

“Who do you think you’re talking to? A professional athlete?

“Come on. I train for four to five weeks for these fights.”

Steve Bunce then stops Fury and explains: “You said you trained for 12 weeks for Francis Ngannou.”

The 35-year-old responded, “Please. Like I trained 12 weeks for Wilder and everyone else.

“Four or five weeks. How much training does a man need? Three or four weeks of practice and a week of rest, that’s it.”

Fury also chose to mock Usyk for wearing earrings and said that anyone who wears the fashion item is not capable of being better than him.

“I know he can’t beat me, I know he can’t beat me,” he said confidently.

“A man who wears earrings can never beat Tyson Fury.

“Not a chance, no one wearing earrings can beat her.”

However, Usyk has now explained why he wears them – saying it’s because of a group of Ukrainian warriors, the Cossacks.

“From what I can tell about the earring,” he said, “it is Ukrainian warrior, Cossack.

“They were the people who protected my country from our enemies for many years.

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tyson fury oleksandr usyk

Boxing news: Tyson Fury mocks Oleksandr Usyk for his earrings as their fight gets closer


“This is just proof of my Cossack lineage – they have never lost to anyone.

“There is no beauty or fashion in it.”

Fury, somewhat, was discouraged by Usyk’s reaction and says the earrings make his opponent look like a ‘p***y’.

He said, “Listen in Ukraine, it means he’s a good fighting man.”

“But where I’m from it means she’s attractive wearing an earring.”

boxing news tyson fury

Boxing news: Tyson Fury confident of defeating Oleksandr Usyk next month


Both Fury and Usyk are undefeated ahead of their match.

The Briton has won 34 of his 35 career bouts, with a draw against Deontay Wilder in December 2018 the only time he failed to come out on top.

Usyk, meanwhile, has won all 21 of his fights – an impressive 14 of which have come via knockout.


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