Two serious errors, heartbreaking confessions and emotional regret after new documentary

 – Gudstory

Two serious errors, heartbreaking confessions and emotional regret after new documentary – Gudstory

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Michael Schumacher is the subject of another documentary released in Germany this week, with the five-part series focusing on the F1 icon’s illustrious career as well as his tragic skiing accident.

The end of this month marks 10 years since that fateful day on the French slopes of Meribel, with Schumacher’s wife Corinna keeping her husband’s condition private.

Little details have been given by the family on their current situation, with Mick Schumacher admitting in an old Netflix documentary that he would “give up everything” to speak to his father again.

Now with the new documentary, GB News provides a summary of all the latest news relating to Schumacher’s health.

Jean Todt still visits Michael Schumacher

Jean Todt still visits Michael Schumacher

the countryside

two serious errors

German journalist Jens Gideon has suggested that two mistakes were made at the time of Schumacher’s tragic skiing incident.

When Gideon chats with a skiing instructor named Andre, the most shocking thing he finds is that there is reportedly not enough snow on the ground.

This meant that rocks were exposed on some parts of the slopes, making conditions dangerous for any skier.

The journalist also says that three minutes could prove costly in getting Schumacher the necessary treatment.

The F1 icon was initially conscious when first responders arrived at the scene and was airlifted to Moutiers.

But Schumacher’s condition is said to have worsened while he was in the helicopter and he became unconscious and the decision was taken to take him to Grenoble hospital after landing in Moutiers.

“Schumacher could have been in Grenoble three minutes earlier,” said Gideon.

heartbreaking statement

Schumacher’s former boss at Ferrari, Jean Todt, is one of the few people outside the family allowed into the seven-time world champion’s team and hinted at the former driver’s condition this week.

Todd regularly visits the Schumacher family at their home on Lake Geneva and notes how much his old confidant has changed.

“Michael (Schumacher) is here, so I don’t miss him,” Todt told L’Equipe. But he is not the same Michael.

“He is different and his wife and children support him wonderfully, who protect him.

“His life has been changed and I have the privilege of sharing moments with him from time to time.”

It's been 10 years since Michael Schumacher's skiing accident

It’s been 10 years since Michael Schumacher’s skiing accident


emotional regret shared

Schumacher’s old manager, Willi Webber, has expressed doubts he will ever see the F1 legend in an emotional interview about his former friend.

Webber played a key role in helping Schumacher establish his racing career in his early years and stood by him for more than two decades, but he has not met the German since the skiing incident.

“When I think about Michael now, unfortunately, I no longer have any hope of seeing him again,” he told the Cologne Express. “No positive news after ten years.”

Webber also shared his “regret” at not visiting Schumacher in hospital, saying: “I mourned him like a dog after his accident.”

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Schumacher was described as ‘cruel’

Speaking on the documentary ‘Being Michael Schumacher’, David Coulthard recalled how “brutal” Schumacher could be during F1 battles.

“My understanding of where the limits were probably more in line with the other drivers,” said Coulthard.

“He [Michael] He can be very cruel, he can be cold, he can be distant. I think that’s probably what you need to be successful at that level.”


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