Trans outrage, women told to ‘work harder’ if they are being beaten in sports – ‘Woke World’

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Trans outrage, women told to ‘work harder’ if they are being beaten in sports – ‘Woke World’ – Gudstory

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Wisconsin Representative Dave Considine has drawn criticism after telling women they should ‘try harder’ if they are being beaten by transgender athletes in sports.

The gender debate continues in the world of sports, with people on both sides of the argument eager to have their say.

On Thursday, Wisconsin State Assembly Republicans passed a controversial bill designed to exclude transgender athletes from participating in women’s sports.

Another bill was also passed, banning sterilization, castration and irreversible hormonal treatments of young trans people.

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Considine believes it is ‘selfish’ for some parents to worry that their children may be denied scholarships because of trans athletes competing in women’s sports.

He said: “The best thing we found is that, some parents are worried that their daughter may miss out on the scholarship.

“They may miss playing for this team or that team.

“Boy, that… sounds like selfishness.

“I’m sorry to label it that way, but that’s how it feels to me.

“I’m only worried about myself, I’m not worried about making the team and having a powerful team near my school.”

Considine then doubled down by bringing his granddaughter into the debate.

He then claimed that he had said that women should work harder when facing transgender athletes.

He added, “And my granddaughter who plays college sports, I asked her about it when we had it two years ago.”

“And she said ‘You know, if a trans woman was competing against me in sports it just means that if that person is better than me, then I need to work harder.'”

Considine has since faced strong backlash for his comments online.

“That’s pretty much how things work in the woke world,” said one user on X.

“I am completely disgusted by this man and his comments,” said another.

A third said: “Got it, biological facts don’t matter.”

A fourth said: “Then why doesn’t her granddaughter play men’s sports if she really wants a challenge?”

“Why does he hate women?” Others gave their opinion.

And a sixth user said: “This guy is ridiculous.”

Considine reiterated his views on Facebook, saying this is an ‘adult problem’ that should not affect children.

“Kids don’t want to prevent trans athletes from participating in sports,” he said.

“Children want to play together.

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“The issue we’re talking about is an adult issue.”


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