The Rise of Dynasty Leagues: Strategies for Long-Term Fantasy Football Dominance

The Rise of Dynasty Leagues: Strategies for Long-Term Fantasy Football Dominance

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Fantasy Football has been on the rise in the past few years. Fans have passion and love for their team and player. Fantasy football helps them channel this energy in a competitive way.


Fantasy football allows you to create teams, draft players and compete among others. It’s fun. It’s exciting. And there are different types of fantasy football to be played, from redraft to keeper to dynasty.


Fans sure love short term success, which is felicitated by redraft leagues, where you get to pick a new team every season. While this helps, the real competitive drive comes from building your own team, managing players, trading, retaining players , and winning, most importantly, for a long time. 


This is where the Dynasty league comes into play. 

What are Dynasty Leagues?

In short, Dynasty leagues allow you to retain most or all players from your current team heading into the next season.The players you draft will stay in your squad every year, unless the player retires. This gives the fantasy football team owners a taste of managing a real NFL team. 


Making the right decision in Dynasty league is important since it will influence the direction of your fantasy team in the future.


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Strategies for Long-Term Fantasy Football Dominance

There’s a lot of thought process that goes in while building your dynasty team. Building to win now or rebuilding to win later, understanding trades, drafting and so on, there’s a lot of strategic thinking in dynasty leagues. You’re always working to get better.

Tom Brady once said, his favorite ring is the next one. And he’s finished with seven of them. Similarly, drawing inspiration from him, this page will show you the strategies that can be used in your dynasty league to help you dominate and keep winning regularly, for a long time. Afterall, that’s how dynasties are built.

Value > Position

If you’re building a fantasy football team in a dynasty league, you will have to draft for value over position. What does that mean? The course of the NFL season can change at any given moment. Stacking up players at a particular position may not necessarily help you win. 


Building a roster with valuable players allows you to get more in return while trading (we will get to trading shortly). Trading in dynasty leagues is a gamechanger. It is an important aspect of dynasty league. Having a team will help you gain better acquisitions throughout the season. You will only receive as good of a player you give. 


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Experience Matters: How NFL veterans will help you win

Having veterans in your roster is a game of finding value. Every year, the NFL has hundreds of players coming in and there are a lot of flashy options to pick in the squad. The development of these players is however not uniform. Some are outliers. And scoring on outliers in the draft is almost close to shooting in the dark.


This is where the veterans help you win. Fantasy managers do get lost in the look of thinking long-term and never building in the present. Veterans help you in building a roster that not only wins in the present but also stabilizes for the future.

Win now or Rebuild?

The evergreen question remains whether to build a roster to “win now” or to rebuild and win later on. While the goal is to win consistently for the long term, fantasy team owners look to focus on winning now by drafting players that are already efficient and flourishing and building around them. This strategy will include veterans.


Rebuild works when the fantasy managers set their sights on young players with higher ceilings and who will be developing into a complete player in the years to come. As these players grow together, the fantasy team could very well become a superteam in the near future. But if the manager fails to score on the picks, it could result in turmoil.


The efficient strategy to build a dynasty team is to operate like a trader. Yes, you heard it right. You’re more likely to make profit (win) by buying low (drafting young) and selling high (trading with value) rather than buying and holding.

Drafting and Trading

Every fantasy football team is different. This is one of the main reasons why one size doesn’t fit all. Dynasty is about building for the long-term. And age and prime is important while drafting. Quarterbacks, wide receivers and tight ends usually last longer and have a better shelf life when compared to running backs. Basing your draft depending on a  longer shelf life will go a long way.


Trading is of utmost importance in dynasty leagues. Managers should look to build depth with the roster. You draft for value. As the season progresses you trade for higher production players to build the required depth. Thinking long term will help in a league where the managers are in a rush to “win now.”


What are dynasty leagues?

Dynasty leagues give fantasy managers the taste of managing an NFL team. Managers will have to carry the same team from year-to-year.


What are keeper leagues?

Keeper leagues allow the fantasy manager to retain a few players but not everyone from the current roster to take into the upcoming season.


What are redraft leagues?

Redraft leagues is when a fantasy manager has to completely reshuffle and redraft his entire team, every season.


What is the difference between dynasty and keeper leagues?

Keeper leagues allow you to retain a certain number of players from the current season. While in dynasty leagues, managers will have to take their entire team to the next season


What is the difference between keeper and redraft leagues?

In redraft leagues, when the season is over, it’s a complete fresh start for the next season. While in keeper leagues, managers can usually “keep” 3-5 players for the next season.



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