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The Golden Bachelor's Leslie Fima Thought Gerry Turner Would Pick Faith Martin Over Theresa Nist

Leslie Fima, Gerry Turner, Faith Martin, Theresa Nist.


gerry turner‘S golden bachelor runner up, Leslie FimaHe saw his journey going in a very different direction before he proposed Theresa Nist,

During the Tuesday, Dec. 5 episode of “Bachelor Happy Hour,” Leslie, 64, talked about the “special bond” she formed with her fellow Season 1 contestants, including faith martinWhom 72 year old Gerry had sent home after hometown.

“I did [watch her breakup]Leslie said on the podcast. “My heart breaks for him. And I remember that night, we were just sitting apart. Not speaking, waiting. I wanted to talk to her so badly, but we couldn’t really talk to each other.”

Before Faith’s elimination, Leslie “really, really thought” that they would both make it to the finals against 70-year-old Theresa. “I was shocked,” Leslie said. “And I wish I could [held] Him and cried a little with him. (Leslie previously revealed in the first part of her “Bachelor Happy Hour” interview that Gerry told her he told Faith “I love you,” but she didn’t know he said the same to Theresa. )

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Leslie and Theresa were in the running for Gerry’s final rose during the season 1 finale, which aired on Thursday, November 30. After an overnight date, Gerry decides to end his relationship with Leslie after his feelings for Theresa have strengthened.

During the emotional breakup, Lesley was surprised that everything she and Gerry had talked about in the fantasy suite had been “complete and utter lies”, but Gerry insisted that “at the time” he was completely honest. Was.

“You made me feel like you chose me. You said things that made me feel like this was what was going to happen,” she continued. “You took me down a path, and then took a turn and left me there. Makes me feel that way. It’s mind-boggling, honestly.”

ABC/Craig Sodin

Leslie finally started crying as Gerry apologized and left the room. “I’m tired of putting myself out there,” she said. “Time is running out.”

Both met again during live after the last rose Thursday special, where Leslie accused Gerry of blindsiding her with his decision. “I just want to tell you, Gerry, that I fell in love with you for so many reasons. I really did. …The most important thing I fell in love with was your honesty,” she said. “And because of your honesty, your words mean a lot to me. I did not take them lightly. I took them and I kept them in my heart, okay?”

Leslie revealed that “everyone knows” what Gerri said to her on the show, but what fans didn’t see were her and Gerri’s conversations behind closed doors. “I will never share this with anyone. “This is our personal time,” she said. “But those words gave me 100 percent certainty that I am your girl. …And your words meant a lot to me, and that’s why I was surprised. Because I wasn’t sure how it changed or what happened.

Gerry once again apologized and said that it “became more difficult” to send people home throughout the season once feelings developed. He explained, “You were the person I believed was my person, until I suddenly discovered you weren’t.”

Disney/John Fleenor

Following the finale, Leslie shed light on what Gerri had told her off-camera, claiming during the Monday, December 4 episode of “Bachelor Happy Hour” that Gerri had made big promises in the fantasy suite. “He made plans with me [the] Future. …He did what he did. This is his journey. Do I respect him? I just wish he would have done it differently. I don’t respect what he did,” she said. “I mean, it started with Faith and then a little bit more with me because I went to Costa Rica and did all that. So I feel like he used ‘I love you’ too much. And do I respect him? This is such a difficult question, because I want to say that I do. but it’s hard. he hurt me.”

Gerry proposes to Theresa and the pair plan to tie the knot on TV in January 2024. In a joint interview with his fiancée, Gerry confessed good Morning America that he “sometimes felt like a villain” throughout his tenure. golden bachelor Travel Meanwhile, Theresa admitted she didn’t believe she would end up being The One.

“We had beautiful, wonderful women there. Faith, Leslie – they are amazing. I didn’t say, ‘Okay, I’m running with it,'” she said on Friday, Dec. 1.


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