The Crown’s Claire Foy refuses to sign fan’s autograph with blue pen: ‘I don’t do blue’

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The Crown’s Claire Foy refuses to sign fan’s autograph with blue pen: ‘I don’t do blue’ – Gudstory

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If you want an autograph from Crown alum claire foyMake sure you don’t give him the blue pen.

A disgruntled fan discovered this fact when Foy, 39, arrived at Rockefeller Center in New York City on Friday, December 15. In a viral video, the Emmy winner is seen refusing the request while being escorted away by a security guard.

“I don’t do blue, sorry,” Foy said in the clip. The surprised autograph seeker responded, “What?” Foy repeated, “I don’t wear blue,” while several paparazzi photographed her. As the British actress continued walking away, the startled fan could be heard groaning, “Oh, come on.”

However, a few moments later, Foy stopped to sign autographs for another man who also had a black bodysuit.

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Many criticized Fo for ignoring the first fan.

One user wrote, “This is the strangest thing.” “No Neela, wonder what’s the reason?” “I’ve been in love with her since the crown,” another person commented. “But he was very disappointed here.”

Other fans defended Foy, claiming that blue ink was actually easier to copy than black ink to create fake memorabilia.

One fan explained, “Most celebrities and athletes are taught not to wear blue ink because you can scan and make the signature on other things and sell them.”

philadelphia 76ers basketball star patrick beverly Previously on “The Pat Bev Podcast with Ron” in December 2022, he asked why he does not sign autographs with a blue pen.

“I was taught, probably after my third year, that you shouldn’t use a blue pen because they can use that signature and stick it on another jersey and sell it, but you can use a black pen. Can’t do it with or gray pen,” he said.

The Crown's Claire Foy refuses to sign fan's signature with blue pen, 'I don't do blue'
Tommaso Boddi/Filmmagic/Getty Images

Foy played the young Queen Elizabeth II in Crown, he received two Emmys, two SAG Awards, and a Golden Globe. After the first two seasons, the role was olivia colman In seasons 3 and 4, after Imelda Staunton For seasons 5 and 6.

Foy told People She has no regrets about leaving the show, to which she has returned for several guest roles over the years.

“I love the people who are still doing the show, but for the sake of my own sanity, I ended the show as soon as it ended,” Foy said in an interview earlier this month. “I’ve let it go and moved on and I think it’s pretty healthy.”

Foy has been acting professionally since 2008 and has over 30 TV and film credits. She is best known for her work CrownHowever, she doesn’t want to be famous only for starring in Netflix series.

She added, “I don’t feel that my identity has been created by playing Queen Elizabeth.” “It’s a huge honor that people liked that character and so they see me as that character. So, I’m not actively trying to go against that.”

Actual Press Secretary to Queen Elizabeth II dicky arbiter did not approve of the performances of Coleman and Staunton, but was full of praise for Foy’s portrayal of her former boss.

in an interview with deadline Published on Sunday, he described Foy as “brilliant” in the series.

final episode of Crown Debuts on Netflix on Thursday, December 14.


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