Teddi Mellencamp’s skin cancer journey over the years: From diagnosis to melanoma removal

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Teddi Mellencamp’s skin cancer journey over the years: From diagnosis to melanoma removal – Gudstory

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Teddi Mellencamp's skin cancer journey over the years

Teddi Mellencamp. Ella Hovsepian/Getty Images

Since being diagnosed with skin cancer, teddy mellencamp Has used her platform to remind fans to take care of their skin.

Mellencamp revealed in March 2022 that she had a mole removed on her back. “This is a reminder to please get your annual skin check.” real housewives of beverly hills the alum wrote in an Instagram statement at the time, admitting that she avoided checking her skin “for a very long time” due to “anxiety.”

fellow bravo star kyle richards It was he who encouraged Mellencamp to consult a dermatologist. “When @kylerichards18 saw my back and it had changed color again, she immediately took me to the doctor, who within minutes said it looked like melanoma and removed a large amount of it,” Mellencamp wrote. given.” “Please let this be a reminder to take action on your skin.”

Later that month, Mellencamp shared the good news that her melanoma was “in situ, which means the cancer cells were contained to that area of ​​my skin and have not spread deeper.”

She continued: “I really hope that by sharing all this, I can encourage you all to get your skin checked annually – if I hadn’t gone in, I wouldn’t have wanted to think about it. How could it have happened differently.”

Scroll down to learn about Mellencamp’s skin cancer journey after her initial diagnosis:

October 2022

Mellencamp revealed that she was diagnosed with Stage II melanoma a few months after her initial consultation. “Melanoma Awareness Update. Despite my concern, I listened to the doctors and went for my 3-month skin check last week since my last melanoma,” she wrote via Instagram at the time. “They said there was another abnormal spot near my last one so they did a biopsy. I got the call this morning: Stage 2 melanoma.

He asked fans to take doctors’ orders seriously, writing, “Moral of this story: If a doctor says, ‘Come every 3 months’ then please go every 3 months. I wanted so badly to blow it. ‘What can happen in 3 months?’ I thought. Apparently a lot.”

Mellencamp said that as a teenager, she used baby oil and iodine on her skin to get a tan, and did not apply sunscreen or get her moles checked until she was 40. Hope you all love and protect your skin,” she concluded.

Mellencamp revealed in another Instagram post that she had two more moles removed that came back as melanoma. “Because of so many melanomas [sic] For one, they are worried about trying to cut in there and remove it because they’re not sure what they’ll be cutting out,” she wrote before detailing her new treatment plan, which includes undergoing a PET scan and seeing a hematology specialist. Was. and a surgical oncologist.

Teddi Mellencamp's skin cancer journey over the years
Courtesy of Teddi Mellencamp/Instagram

October 2022

Mellencamp shared the results of her PET scan via Instagram, including photos of her melanoma being removed. “They think I have melanoma,” he said. “I will need a wider incision [sic] Surgical removal and nodal mapping. They will also perform a sentinel lymphoid biopsy during surgery. “Because with a PET scan they can’t see whether it has spread to the lymph nodes or not.”

A few days later, in another social media update, she opened up about her recovery after the operation. “I don’t share this for sympathy — I’m sharing because the one thing that helps me get through all this is your messages telling me you’re being tested,” Mellencamp wrote. “I am grateful to my family, friends and husband who welcomed my pain and anxiety with open hearts. I love you all so much and I just know that I am going to eradicate this cancer with the help of my incredible doctors and nurses.

Mellencamp ended the post on an inspirational note, writing, “Life comes in waves and we will always be stronger for it… the good days and the bad 🖤.”

December 2022

Mellencamp showed off scars on her back and shoulders, revealing that several of her melanoma removal surgeries were successful. “The margins are clear. I also got the genetic test results and there is no mutation that we need to worry about,” she said. “And I just had a healthy mammogram (ladies, please don’t forget these too). So I say peace to 11 melanomas and 3 lymph nodes – I happily knew you – and hello to a new sense of peace.

The co-host of the “Two Teas in a Pod” podcast continued: “It’s an eye-opener how quickly things can change and it’s a lesson I’ll never forget, or stop speaking about. “I want you all to be proactive so you don’t have to experience this. Let my wounds be your motivation to get preventive care.”

Teddi Mellencamp's skin cancer journey over the years
Courtesy of Teddi Mellencamp/Instagram

January 2023

Despite her previous removal, Mellencamp developed three new spots that “needed to be biopsied.” She explained via Instagram, “I have both white and brown melanoma; That’s why I continue to share about getting tested, no matter what.”

She also asked doctors about a suspicious lump on her neck. “The ultrasound came back irregular,” Mellencamp said. “I had the option of a needle biopsy or cutting it out completely; The doctor recommended a biopsy, although there is a very low chance that it will be inconclusive and we will have to remove it.”

Mellencamp said she was “dealing with something out of my control as best I could,” adding, “The things I can control: staying on top of my appointments, getting myself checked, and talking to my doctors.” “To ask questions.”

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May 2023

Mellencamp partnered with the Melanoma Research Foundation to help raise awareness of skin cancer by showing off her biopsy scars in a “#GetNaked” campaign photo shoot. That same month, she encouraged fans to add sunscreen to their daily skin care routine.

Teddi Mellencamp's skin cancer journey over the years
Courtesy of Teddi Mellencamp/Instagram

September 2023

More than a year after her initial diagnosis, Mellencamp revealed that another one of her biopsied spots came back as melanoma. “I don’t even remember if it’s the 12th or 13th,” she captioned a tearful selfie via Instagram. “At this point, I’m starting to blur out these memories like they’re a part of my childhood. I slept maybe 2 hours last night because my mind was racing.”

Although the melanoma was caught early, Mellencamp reported that she would need “another surgery and additional biopsies next week.”

A day later, she said the “key” to dealing with her many health scares is to get out there and move your body, release your emotions. [and] Fixing my mindset.” He further added, “Whatever you’re going through, negativity only bothers you. And we’re not here to be suppressed. We’re stronger than that. We’re for more than that.” So if you’re struggling with something today, this is for you.

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September 2023

After undergoing multiple biopsies, Mellencamp revealed via Instagram that the area of ​​melanoma on her back is too “wide,” adding that doctors “don’t feel comfortable cutting it out anymore.” “He said I could wait a week so that I could perform at the national level but when I returned, I would start taking 5 weeks of immunotherapy cream,” she said.[intoit”Sheexplained“TheysaidIcanwaitaweeksoIcanshowatnationalsbutuponmyreturnIwillstartona5-weekimmunotherapycream”[intoit”Sheexplained“TheysaidIcanwaitaweeksoIcanshowatnationalsbutuponmyreturnIwillstartona5-weekimmunotherapycream”

The cream is believed to help the body’s immune system attack cancer cells and comes with side effects such as fatigue, blisters and swelling. “My friends, be careful when getting your skin checked. We can fight this 🔥,” she concluded her post.

December 2023

Teddi Mellencamp's skin cancer journey through the years, from diagnosis to melanoma removal 331
Courtesy of Teddi Mellencamp/Instagram

Mellencamp spoke openly about the failure of her treatment.

“Long story short: Immunotherapy treatment did not work on my melanoma. Last week I did a wide incision on my most recent melanoma to see if it did and sadly, it didn’t,” ‘ she captioned an Instagram photo of her back, which showed her scars from previous procedures.

Mellencamp then shared that she would be undergoing surgery on December 26 “to remove a large portion of the problematic area.”

She ended the post by reminding her followers to “book your skin check for the New Year.”


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