Susie Evans reveals she ‘didn’t go into debt’ for ‘The Bachelor’ because of pageant wardrobe

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Susie Evans reveals she ‘didn’t go into debt’ for ‘The Bachelor’ because of pageant wardrobe – Gudstory

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Bachelor Nation’s newest couple Susie Evans And Justin Glaze Sharing an inside look at the monetary aspect of appearing the Bachelor The franchise’s reality show.

“Thankfully, I didn’t have to go into debt to go on The Bachelor,” Susie, 30, revealed during Thursday, January 25’s episode. jason tartickIt was reported on the “Trading Secrets” podcast that she had a lot of outfits from her competition days. “I think I probably spent $1,500 on clothes. …I like the deal, I like the budget.”

before making his debut clayton ackerd‘S the Bachelor In the 2022 season, Susie had three jobs to “make ends meet”. She worked as a photographer, videographer and had jobs at two restaurants, but she “stayed in touch” with The Bachelor producers “for four years” before joining.

“I had to pay back a wedding [before the show], which was the last bit of my money,” Susie recalled. “At the time, I was doing them pretty cheap, but it was like $2,500. For me, I was like, ‘This is all I have.'”

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Even though she left the show in a relationship with the main character, Susie went back to waitress after that Single Season. She waited months before getting brand deals and making money through social media.

Susie Evans' pageant look kept her debt-free for her Bachelor wardrobe
ABC/John Fleenor

Justin, on the other hand, had a more stable job before joining Katie Thurstonseason of The Bachelorette In 2021.

Justin, 29, finished the season as runner-up to Katie and was immediately asked to move on bachelor in paradise, At the time, the reality star had no intention of leaving her job at a financial services organization.

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Justin said, “There wasn’t really any amount of money – well, I mean, definitely the amount of money – but with what they offered… with the range that they were going to give me… I’m good ” beep,

after The BacheloretteJustin also faced new work policies, such as having to have any outside deals “approved” by the company due to his work in the finance industry.

“It got complicated very quickly,” Justin admitted, noting that his departure from his company became a “sticky situation” overall. That being said, Justin was in a position financially where he could move. After leaving the company in 2022, Justin headed to the beach in Mexico over the summer for Season 8 beep,

while they have no one Single, virgin Or bachelor in paradise Love stories succeeded, Justin and Susie eventually found each other. The two made their relationship public on Tuesday, January 24.

“Justin is my boyfriend,” Susie said during an interview And! news, “we’re dating.”


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