Smith and Stoinis’ calls highlight TV referee’s World Cup match between Australia and South Africa

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Smith and Stoinis’ calls highlight TV referee’s World Cup match between Australia and South Africa – Gudstory

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Marcus Stoinis was taken off the back foot in Australia’s chase against South Africa in Lucknow, despite his lower hand appearing to be off the bat when the ball struck his glove.

Stoinis made a save on a delivery from Kagiso Rabada in the 18th over of Australia’s innings, with Quinton de Kock caught leg side. It was not delivered by Joel Wilson on the field but South Africa opted for a review and UltraEdge confirmed that the ball struck Stoinis’ bottom hand on its way.

However, although Stoinis appeared to have let go of the bat handle, third umpire Richard Kettleborough indicated that he felt the right glove was making contact with the left, which in turn was still holding on to the bat. “The hand is connected to his top hand, so it’s in contact with the bat, and we have a clear rise,” Kettleborough said.

After checking that the catch had passed cleanly to de Kock, Stoinis was awarded for 5 on DRS – despite apparently protesting to the standing umpires that his hand was off the bat.

This was the second chapter to cause consternation among the Australian contingent, after Stephen Smith was also reviewed. Smith was hit on the pads after moving across the stumps in Rabada’s first over, with ball-tracking technology anticipating that the delivery would have gone on to hit the top of leg stump.

However, Smith was not convinced and walked away with a look of amazement while studying the replay on the big screen. The dismissal left Australia 50 for 3 in their chase of 312 to win. When Stoinis left, they were down to 70 for 6.

Marnus Labuschagne, who was at the non-striker’s end in both dismissals, said that in Stoinis’ case “there seems to be clear daylight between the gloves”, although he conceded the decision was unlikely to affect the result, as Australia slumped to a 134-run defeat. Once, making it winless after two matches.

“The referees didn’t really know what was going on,” he added. “They saw what we saw. It looked like his hand was off the bat — it hit the glove. Because they didn’t go to the side in the corner — Marcus and I were asking did they check. They only saw the front pin in .

“There seems to be clear daylight between the gloves and the handle. But I was in the third referee’s room and the screen is big and the picture is clearer than what we have on the screen.”

He added: “Everyone saw the same thing there. There was some talk that he might have hit the racket handle. It was confusing and I’m sure we will get clarity or we will seek clarity. It’s the World Cup and we don’t want to make small, avoidable decisions to change Match results. “Obviously in this situation it would have been difficult for us to say it would have changed the outcome but obviously for the future we want to do what’s right.”

At Smith lbw, Labuschagne said he thought he was missing his leg stump but was in no position to doubt the technology.

“From the front it looked like it was going down his leg. Steve was like ‘What do you think?'” “And I said ‘No, I don’t think it’s close.’ He usually plays that shot where he leaves his leg. He doesn’t pass the ball like most average hitters. I haven’t seen the final footage but it looks like “it must have hit him in the leg and it almost came to rest on his torso. It wasn’t what it felt like there but I can’t argue with technology. Not now.”

Australia coach Andrew McDonald played down any sense of controversy, although he noted that if both Smith and Stoinis had been able to bat on him “it would have made the game much closer”.

“There was some doubt about that [Stoinis’ dismissal] But I suppose you have to accept the referees’ decision in these moments. “I’m sure there will be some clarifications from the ICC about the dismissal.”

“It’s hard to compete with technology, isn’t it? That’s why it’s there. But if you slowed it down and looked at it visually, there was a possibility it fell on the leg side but technology made it hit,” he said of Smith. Trunks and that’s all I’ll say.

“Any time you lose Steve Smith and Marcus Stoinis, I think there is a chance, they are good players and if they had the chance, they would have made the game much closer.”

Meanwhile, Rabada acknowledged that both decisions were marginal, saying he was “hoping to get the arbitrator’s decision” on Smith’s appeal. “Technology favored us today. I thought it was close, not as obvious as the missing ones.”


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