‘silly woman!’  Britons react to Fiona Bruce’s apology for calling QT guest a ‘black man’

‘silly woman!’ Britons react to Fiona Bruce’s apology for calling QT guest a ‘black man’

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Members of the British public have shared their views on the latest controversy to rock the BBC, after Question Time presenter Fiona Bruce called an audience member a “black man”.

Bruce, 59, was trying to name an audience member during the show, to which she replied, “That guy in the middle, that black guy in the middle. Yes, you sir.”

Following the broadcast of the incident, both Bruce and the BBC apologized to the audience member, claiming she was “wrong”.

Speaking to people on the street, GB News West Midlands reporter Jack Carson asked Britons what they thought of the incident and Bruce’s apology.

Members of the public speak to GB News

Britons react to Fiona Bruce’s apology after calling an audience member a ‘black man’

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Jack asked: “Do you think it was right that Fiona Bruce apologized for calling someone in the audience a black man during Question Time? Do you think he should have apologized for this?”

One Briton said: “No, not really. Because he’s a black man, and you should accept that.

“There’s nothing wrong with saying that to that white woman or that black man or that Asian guy.”

Another replied: “I don’t think so. No, I mean, you can use the word black, right? It was not disrespectful in any way, way, shape or form.

“And it’s an instant reaction to someone in the crowd standing up for me. that’s my opinion.”

A third slammed Bruce for his apology, asking: “Why would she apologise? Why would she apologize for calling a black man a black man?

“Stupid woman! That goes too far. He’s a black man, so why wouldn’t you call him a black man, just like that woman in the white dress or something.

“I’m surprised he apologized for something like that. PC has gone a long way. Crazy, but there you go. I’m surprised to see Fiona Bruce because I like her a lot.

Fiona Bruce presents BBC Question Time

Fiona Bruce apologized to the audience member after the incident


When Jack asked another member of the public whether Bruce should have apologised, he agreed: “Oh, I definitely apologise, yes. There should be no racial discrimination. Definitely.”

Another supported the apology, admitting: “I watched the clip and it seemed like something… I saw other instances where he never mentioned anyone’s color.

“So it definitely came up. So I can understand why he felt the need to apologize, but it’s your own decision whether you want to apologize or not.

“I would say that maybe he’s right because if you’re in that situation, you need to treat everyone the same rather than explicitly highlighting racial characteristics.”


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