Shawn Johnson stops taking pain medications during C-section after past Adderall addiction

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Shawn Johnson stops taking pain medications during C-section after past Adderall addiction – Gudstory

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Shawn Johnson at the ESPYs
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Shawn Johnson East Based on my history with Adderall the decision was made not to use “narcotic” pain medication during a C-section delivery.

“During my comeback in 2010, I was advised by a good doctor to take Adderall to ‘reduce my appetite and give me more energy,'” the 31-year-old Olympic gymnast claimed in an Instagram Story on Friday, December 22. ” Post. “Fast forward 7 years of being severely addicted to it and having it control me.”

Johnson East grew up as a competitive gymnast, competing in her first Olympics in 2008 when she was 16 years old. After winning several medals at the Beijing Games, Johnson East suffered an ACL injury while skiing in 2010. She underwent reconstructive knee surgery before resuming gymnastics training the following year. Johnson East eventually retired from playing in 2012.

When Johnson East finally freed herself from pain pills, she vowed to stay away from “any even remotely close addiction.”

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She concluded, “It affected every part of my life and changed who I was. I don’t ever want to feel out of control like that again. So… Tylenol and Motrin for me.”

Johnson East and her husband, Andrew Eastwelcomed their third child, son Barrett “Bear” Madison, on December 12. (The married couple also have daughter Drew, 4, and son Jett, 2.)

According to Johnson East, her C-section with Bear was the “hardest but easiest” delivery she’s had. ,[I] “There was so much scar tissue that had to be cut out, so I was in a lot of pain and swelling,” she said in a second Instagram Story post on Friday. “Feeling great now, though.” “

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Bear, a name that Johnson East and East always loved, was born on a sentimental date.

“Life is great and we feel truly blessed to add our third healthy baby to our family,” East, 32, wrote in the pair’s “FamilyMade” newsletter earlier this month. “My father was born on December 9 and passed away unexpectedly on December 27 last year, so December is a really impactful month for us. It feels really special to have our baby born so close to my dad’s birthday and I know he would be smiling and very proud of us.”

Coincidentally, Bear was also born on the same day virgin alum sean boothSon of Locks. (This is the 36-year-old Booth’s first child Audrey “Dre” Joseph,

“12/12 was a great day to have a baby! Look who our delivery room neighbors were,” Booth wrote via Instagram Story on Dec. 16, uploading a selfie with East in the hospital.

Both Booth and East have since brought their newborns to their respective homes in Nashville.

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse, reach out Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) National Helpline At 1-800-662-HELP (4357).


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