Shania Twain in her song ‘Dude!’  Responded to the viral Jason Kelce meme using.  I feel like a woman!’

 – Gudstory

Shania Twain in her song ‘Dude!’ Responded to the viral Jason Kelce meme using. I feel like a woman!’ – Gudstory

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Shania Twain Responds to Viral Jason Kelce Meme Using Her Song Man!  I feel like a woman!  198

Shania Twain, Jason Kelce. Getty Images (2)

Shania Twain is on board with jason kelsey Shirtless memes.

The 58-year-old country singer got a laugh from a social media post that included her 1999 song “‘Man!’ I Feel Like a Woman!” Paired with Kelce’s shirtless escape during the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Buffalo Bills playoff game.

“Shania Twain comes to the bar: ‘Come on girls.’ Me:” one day after the Philadelphia Eagles player’s hilarious moment, one user captioned a photo of the iconic Kelce, 36, on Monday, January 22, via X.

For her part, Twain responded to the tweet on Wednesday, January 24, with three laughing emojis.

On Sunday, Jason had the best time of his life cheering on his little brother, travis kels, and chief. Jason reached Highmark Stadium with his wife kylie kels To watch sports in the room with your parents donna And ed kelsey And Travis’s girlfriend, Taylor Swift,

While in the suite, Jason celebrated Travis’ touchdown by taking off his shirt and yelling with a beer in hand, which eventually became a meme. Later that night, Jason also climbed out of the suite window to meet fans in the stands.

Jason Kelce wanted to take off his shirt at the first Bills game

jason kelsey Katherine Riley/Getty Images

After the game, which the Chiefs won 27-24, Travis, 34, learned about his brother’s moves and wasn’t surprised by it.

“My brother was shirtless? No, it doesn’t surprise me at all,” Travis told Westwood One Sports at the time. “I love that boy. And every time we are not on the field together, we always support each other.

During the Wednesday, January 24, episode of Jason and Travis’s “New Heights” podcast, Jason opened up about the experience and how he “fell under the spell of the Bill Mafia.”

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“It is electricity, energy, conspiracy. I’m like, ‘I have to take my shirt off at some point,'” he said, explaining to Travis that the “hot” suite was not the right place to be shirtless. “I’m taking my shirt off and jumping out of the box, so then I’m out of the box and my shirt is off and I can be like my Buffalo Bills mafia buddies. This is how my brain works after 40 Miler Lights.

Like Travis, mom Donna, 71, wasn’t surprised “at all” by Jason’s game day celebration, and said her eldest son is often “lighthearted” and “fun” when he’s not playing.

“A lot of people don’t see it because nine times out of 10 when he’s on the field he’s completely at work,” Donna said in an interview with People published Thursday, January 25. There’s so much involved in it that people don’t see that side of him.”


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