SAG-AFTRA issues statement regarding fake AI-generated explicit Taylor Swift images

 – Gudstory

SAG-AFTRA issues statement regarding fake AI-generated explicit Taylor Swift images – Gudstory

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SAG-AFTRA is speaking out against explicit AI-generated images Taylor Swift Which appeared on the internet.

“The sexually explicit, AI-generated images depicting Taylor Swift are disturbing, harmful and deeply worrying,” the union said in a statement on Friday, January 26. It should be made illegal to do so without anyone’s consent. As a society, it is within our power to control these technologies, but we must act now before it is too late.

SAG-AFTRA shares its support for the Intimate Images Deepfake Prevention Act authored by the New York Congressman. Joe Morrell, The organization is calling for “exploitation of this nature to stop” and wants to prevent it from happening again.

The statement concluded, “We support Taylor and women everywhere who are victims of this kind of theft of their right to privacy and autonomy.”

Fake photos spread on X on Wednesday, January 24 the vergeThe initial post was viewed 45 million times before it was removed, which took the social media platform 17 hours to do.

X has not commented on this matter.

Swift has not commented publicly on the situation but reports have surfaced that the Grammy winner is considering taking legal action.

SAG-AFTRA isn’t the only group demanding action against AI. The White House also discussed the incident as “alarming”.

“Of course Congress must take legislative action,” the press secretary said. Karin Jean-Pierre Said at a press conference on Friday. “That’s how you deal with some of these issues.”

Many technology companies have invested in developing AI for organizational purposes. Microsoft currently offers its own artificial intelligence solution called CoPilot to compete with OpenAI’s chat GPT. CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella Swift addressed the “alarming and horrifying” images and shared that action should be taken immediately to keep people safe.


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“I think we will all benefit when the online world is a safer world,” Nadella, 56, said in an interview with NBC News. Lester Holt on Friday. “And so I don’t think anyone would want an online world that is not completely safe for both content creators and content consumers. So, I think we should move quickly on this.”

When SAG-AFTRA went on strike last year, AI was one of the union’s top concerns. When the studios and the guild reached an agreement in November 2023, most of the AI ​​restrictions that SAG-AFTRA fought for were included in the deal. One of his most important demands was that a studio must obtain permission from actors before using elements of their likenesses.


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