‘Sad’ BBC criticized for ‘cold and insensitive’ spat with Palestinian ambassador hours after family’s death

‘Sad’ BBC criticized for ‘cold and insensitive’ spat with Palestinian ambassador hours after family’s death

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BBC and Newsnight interviewer Kirsty Wark has been described as “heartless”, “rude” and “unprofessional” for a recent interview with Palestinian ambassador Hussam Zomlot.

Zomlot joined the war days after the terrorist group Hamas breached the Israeli barrier on the Gaza Strip, bringing the death toll from the said attack to around 900.

Following Israel’s airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, the Air Force claimed that it successfully hit 200 of its targets, resulting in the deaths of more than 700 people according to Palestinian officials.

The Israeli military claimed to have recovered 1,500 bodies after the initial attack by Hamas militants, with more than 100 hostages believed to be being held by the group, while Israel has cut off all water, supplies and electricity to Gaza. .

Zomlott and Wark discussed the rising death toll following the violence in Gaza, before the BBC presenter touched on the fact that several of Zomlott’s family were killed in Gaza.

The ambassador said in detail: “They were just sitting in their house and they were just bombed – their whole building was demolished.

“My cousin, her two children, her husband, her mother-in-law and two other relatives died instantly, killed instantly.

“And their two youngest children, twins, two years old, are now in intensive care – it’s really heartbreaking.”

Palestinian Ambassador

Palestinian Ambassador Zomlot got angry with Wark’s questions


Zomlot further said that both children are now “sitting quietly for the Israeli war machine” and are “going nowhere”, before Wark apologized for his “personal loss”.

“May I be clear,” she said warningly. “You can’t ignore the killing of civilians in Israel, right? Nor the kidnapping of families?”

Zomlot quickly hit back, saying that he and the rest of the Palestinian mission were “very clear” in their “rejection” of “targeting and harming civilians on all sides”.

He further said that he and his colleagues “have done everything in our power to find a different path” that would avoid violence and achieve peace.

But Wark continued to investigate Zomlot for his personal condemnation of Hamas’s actions, including reports that he threatened to kill hostages in his possession.

He hit back at Wark, saying, “Hostages must be protected and kept safe, absolutely, that’s not a discussion of any kind.” Israel must “immediately stop targeting civilians”.

Wark then examines Zomlot’s reaction to Britain and others in Europe cutting off aid to Palestine in the wake of the Hamas attack.

“That would be very, very counterproductive,” Zomlott replied. “They will do exactly what Israel is doing, impose collective punishment on people who had nothing to do with it.

“My cousin is not Hamas!” He continued enthusiastically. “These children, four and two, they have nothing to do with Hamas. Everyone’s stupid idea in the world is punishing people who have nothing to do with it.”

But as Zomlot’s response became more animated, Wark interjected and commented that children have been killed in Israel as well.

Kirsty Wark

Kirsty Wark grills Zomlot on Hamas


Wark’s lack of compassion and constant scrutiny for “soundbites” have led to thousands of people online criticizing his behavior and the BBC for allowing such a debate to be broadcast.

One viewer on

“How disgraceful the BBC has become. It’s hair-raising,” he said, before echoing a second time: “One of the most disgusting interviews I’ve seen.

“To speak so cruelly to someone who reveals they have lost family members and who still has to remain civil in the face of such a belligerent agenda is completely insulting,” he concluded before a third. Removed: “BBC presenters are rude and unprofessional.

“Less than a day after losing family Zomlott is facing provocative/loaded questions. Kirsty Wark constantly interrupts him when he talks about the broader/historical situation.”

Another said of the discussion: “This is the most disgusting and distorted interview I have ever seen. Kirsty Wark, the BBC and everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves.

“They did an incredibly good job of dealing so calmly with this onslaught of lies,” he signed off, before a fifth fumed: “Don’t give the BBC even a minute to spare for this man who lost his family in Gaza. There is no pause, reflection or genuine regret, she puts it aside to continually bring up Israel.”

Elsewhere, another commented: “Seriously? Can’t BBC interviewers hear themselves? Presented with the murder of Palestinian civilians, their response is not to condemn it, but to affirm and demand the humanity of Israeli victims. “For the grieving Palestinian to condemn Hamas, not those who murdered his family.” (Thus)


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